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Chapter 1 - Real Property and the Law
The phrase bundle of legal rights...,
The right to control ones propert...,
According to law a trade fixture is
43  cards
Chapter 2 - Land Use Controls and Property Development
Deed restrictions can be created ...,
Restrictive covenants that run wi...,
The primary intent of zoning ordi...
35  cards
Chapter 5 - Interest In Real Estate
A person who has complete control...,
A portion of a mans house was ina...,
Many states determine the order o...
37  cards
Chapter 6 - Leasehold Estates
A couples apartment lease has exp...,
Generally an oral lease for five ...,
Rent is best defined as
39  cards
Chapter 3 - Environmental Issues in Real Estate
One method of sealing off disinte...,
Which of the following is the mos...,
Which of the following is not tru...
15  cards
Chapter 4 - Legal Descriptions
How many linear feet of fence are...,
A metes and bounds legal description,
How many lots each measuring 725 ...
9  cards
Chapter 7 - Forms of Real Estate Ownership
Under what circumstances may the ...,
What is the effect of pennsylvani...,
Who runs the business in a genera...
20  cards
Chapter 8 - Real Estate Taxes and Liens
Which of the following best refer...,
Priority of liens refers to the,
A lien on real estate made to sec...
39  cards
Chapter 9 - Transfer of Title
The title to real estate passes w...,
The primary purpose of a deed is to,
A special warranty deed differs f...
46  cards
Chapter 10 - Title Records
Which of the following is accepta...,
When the title insurance company ...,
Which of the following would be u...
22  cards
Chapter 11 - Principles of Real Estate Contracts
A void contract is one that is,
The legal proceeding or legal act...,
The essential elements of a contr...
39  cards
Chapter 12 - Principles of Real Estate Financing
Charging more interest than is le...,
A mortgagor is the one who,
A promissory note
30  cards
Chapter 13 - Pennsylvania Real Estate Licensing Law
At what time should the real esta...,
Real estate licensees may do all ...,
A broker must keep records of all...
20  cards
Chapter 14 - The Real Estate Business
Commercial real estate includes a...,
Who in the real estate transactio...,
All of the following factors tend...
40  cards
Chapter 15 - Real Estate Brokerage
Licensees who are paid in a lump ...,
A licensed real estate salesperso...,
Two licensees were found guilty o...
31  cards
Chapter 16 - Agency In Real Estate
A person who has the authority to...,
The term fiduciary refers to,
The legal relationship between br...
37  cards
Chapter 17 - Ethical Practices and Fair Housing
Which act is permitted under the ...,
What is the underlying purpose of...,
What agency if any in pennsylvani...
36  cards
Chapter 21 - Appraising Real Estate
Which approach to value makes use...,
The characteristics of value incl...,
There are two vacant adjacent lot...
41  cards
Chapter 22 - Closing The Real Estate Transaction
Which of the following is true of...,
Real estate firms are often affil...,
Which property does the consumer ...
29  cards
Chapter 23 - Property Management
An apartment manager may decline ...,
A property managers primary oblig...,
Which of the following should not...
20  cards
Key Vocab Terms
Real property,
Personal property,
Tangible personal property
29  cards
Needs Improvement
The system of ownership of real p...,
To create a joint tenancy relatio...,
A mechanics lien would be properl...
16  cards

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