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Chapter 1 - The Appraisal Profession
List at least five general course...,
The federal agency that now insur...,
All the following areas of federa...
20  cards
Chapter 2 - Appraisal Math and Statistics
A property has an assessed value ...,
A property valued at 200 000 prod...,
The average of all variates is a ...
14  cards
Chapter 3 - Real Estate and its Appraisal
1 the property of a person who di...,
2 condemnation of private propert...,
3 anything that is not real prope...
19  cards
Chapter 4 - Real Estate Transactions
One of the elements of a valid re...,
A valid contract requires a parti...,
A valid contract requiresa that t...
20  cards
Chapter 5 - The Real Estate Marketplace
1 the scientific study of populat...,
2 the amount initially paid for a...,
3 market value is based ona insur...
13  cards
Chapter 6 - The Appraisal Process
0  cards
Chapter 7 - Building Construction and the Enviroment
0  cards
Chapter 8 - Data Collection
0  cards
Chapter 9 - Site Valuation
0  cards
Chapter 10 - The Cost Approach Pt. 1: Reproduction/Replacement Cost
0  cards
Chapter 11 - The Cost Approach Pt. 2: Depreciation
1 the total difference between a ...,
2 any loss of value from causes o...,
3 a bedroom that can be entered s...
20  cards
Chapter 12 - The Sales Comparison Approach
0  cards
Chapter 13 - The Income Capitalization Approach
0  cards
Chapter 14 - Direct and Yield Capitalization
0  cards
Chapter 15 - Reconciliation and the Appraisal Report
0  cards
Chapter 16 - Appraisal Partial Interests
0  cards
0  cards

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