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Chapter 1: Introduction to Real Estate
What economic factors affect the ...,
How are properties affected by th...,
List the 6 kinds of property in t...
20  cards
Chapter 2: Ethics, Fair Housing and Trust Accounts
Why is it important for licensees...,
Alex jones owns a duplex and live...,
If a person feels like he or she ...
18  cards
Chapter 3: Agency and Other Mandatory Disclosures
When is an agency relationship cr...,
What exception exists to the duty...,
An agents fiduciary responsibilit...
22  cards
Chapter 4: Prospecting
What do you need to check if you ...,
Name one advantage and one disadv...,
What is a good approach to use wh...
18  cards
Chapter 5: Listing Presentations
What is a competitive market anal...,
When looking at homes currently f...,
When preparing a competitive mark...
18  cards
Chapter 6: Listing Contracts
What is an important thing to rem...,
Describe an open listing,
What is the major difference betw...
18  cards
Chapter 7: Servicing Listing
What is the primary criticism tha...,
When you meet with your sellers a...,
What kinds of things should you i...
18  cards
Chapter 8: Advertising
Name and define the two forms of ...,
Explain the method used to write ...,
What is important to remember abo...
18  cards
Chapter 9: Working with Buyers
What is the most important factor...,
What is floor time and why is it ...,
When handling a telephone inquiry...
18  cards
Chapter 10: Writing the Offer and Closing the Sale
What are the five aspects that ar...,
When establishing rapport whats o...,
What signals do buyers use to ind...
18  cards
Chapter 11: From Offer To Closing
When preparing to present an offe...,
What is important to remember abo...,
When making your presentation wha...
18  cards
Chapter 12: Financing: Loan Types
How much is the loan origination ...,
What kind of problem can result f...,
What kinds of limits are placed o...
23  cards
Chapter 13: Financing: The Process
What is the role of the fed,
Explain the difference between th...,
Differentiate between mortgage br...
24  cards
Chapter 14: Escrow & Title Insurance
What is escrow,
Who needs title insurance and why,
What is the difference between cl...
18  cards
Chapter 15: Using Real Estate Assistants
What is important to know about u...,
What types of office administrati...,
In what three ways can an assista...
14  cards
Chapter 16: Real Estate Taxation
Property tax example,
Time table for taxes,
Supplemental tax bill example
24  cards
Chapter 17: Real Estate Investing
What are the three important cons...,
What are some tax benefits associ...,
How could refinancing be an inves...
18  cards
Chapter 18: Business Sale, Property Management & Leasing
What is goodwill as it relates to...,
List the three institute of real ...,
What are the three general respon...
18  cards

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