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PMMA (acrylic resin)
What usage errors can cause a den...,
What are the ideal properties of ...,
What does stress strain measure
35  cards
DMS vocabulary
What is meant by fracture,
What is meant by hardness in rela...,
What is meant by abrasion in rela...
11  cards
What type of material is amalgam,
How can amalgam be classified,
What are the different compositio...
30  cards
Bonding to Teeth
What are the ideal properties of ...,
What does the etching of enamel p...,
What acid is most commonly used t...
13  cards
Cavity Lining Materials
What are some disadvantages of re...,
What is the function of a lining ...,
What is the difference between a ...
28  cards
Elastomeric Impression Materials
What are examples of elastomer ma...,
What is an essential property of ...,
What are some essential propertie...
12  cards
Metals and Alloys 2
What is an alloy,
What are some advantages of alloy...,
What are some dental uses for alloys
27  cards
Partial Denture Alloys
What are the ideal properties of ...,
What are the most common partial ...,
For a partial denture base what i...
22  cards
Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cements
What is the chemical composition ...,
What is the purpose of potassium ...,
What is the chemical makeup of th...
11  cards
Glass Ionomer Cements
What are the different types of gic,
What are some uses of gic,
What are the two main components ...
37  cards
Metals and Alloys 1
What are metals alloys used for i...,
Why are metals used,
What is meant by ductility
38  cards
Alginate Impression Materials
What is the main function of impr...,
What type of reproduction of the ...,
What material is used to produce ...
39  cards
Alloys for Cast Metal Restorations
What are the two alloys used for ...,
What is a pfm crown,
Why must porcelain be bonded to a...
42  cards
Stainless Steel and Wrought Alloys
What is the definition of wrought...,
What are some uses of wrought alloys,
What is steel composed of
40  cards
Temporary Materials
What are some temporary materials,
What are some advantages of pmma,
What are some negatives of pmma
4  cards
Luting Agents
What is luting agent another word...,
What is the ideal film thickness ...,
What is the ideal viscosity for l...
63  cards
Dental Ceramics
What is kaolin,
Why does kaolin need to be remove...,
What are the components of decora...
74  cards
Past Paper Questions
List the constituents of gutta pe...,
What are some reasons for obturat...,
What properties make calcium hydr...
23  cards
MCQ Questions
At what temp does feldspathic cer...,
What is leucite,
What is procera
16  cards

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repository - dental materials science

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