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Female Anatomy
What are the 6 different function...,
The bony pelvis consists of what ...,
Each hip bone is a fusion between...
136  cards
Male Anatomy
What are the male reproductive or...,
Identify the different features o...,
What is the most anterior organ i...
27  cards
How is the trilaminar disc formed...,
The mesoderm is organised into 3 ...,
After gast
25  cards
Menstrual Disorder
Pituitary and ovarian events what...,
Pituitary and ovarian events what...,
Pituitary and ovarian events what...
28  cards
Uterine Pathology
What are the three phases of the ...,
What are the three phases of the ...,
What is the time hormones involve...
38  cards
Infertility and Assisted Conception
How long are patients waiting for...,
How many cycles of ivf icsi are o...,
What are the common indications f...
33  cards
Histology of Female Reproductive Tract
Identify the following structures...,
What are the two functions of the...,
What are the two different parts ...
38  cards
Male Infertility
Which chromosome has the sex dete...,
What do the foetal testes secrete,
What are the two primitive genita...
56  cards
Microbiology of Genital Tract Infection
What are the bacterial types of stis,
What are the viral types of stis,
What are the parasitic types of stis
49  cards
What axis controls the menstrual ...,
What of pregnancies in the uk are...,
What contraception methods preven...
46  cards
Unplanned Pregnancy
What of all pregnancies are unint...,
What is a hsa1 certificate a form...,
When would a hsa1 form be carried...
34  cards
Prescribing in Pregnancy
Most drugs cross the placenta exc...,
What type of drugs cause the plac...,
Absorption of drugs may be effect...
29  cards
Sexually Transmitted Infections
What is the most commonly reporte...,
What of those with chlamydia are ...,
What type of bacteria is chlamydia
63  cards
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
What type of virus is hiv,
What syndrome does hiv cause,
How is aids preventable
75  cards
Attending the Sexual Health Clinic
What is the name of the guideline...,
What is the partner look back per...,
What is the partner look back per...
15  cards
Physiology of Pregnancy and Puerperium Lactation
What is the role of the fimbriae,
What is a fertilised ovum called ...,
Between which days after fertilis...
67  cards
Imaging in Obs & Gynae
What imagine methods are often used,
What are the different indication...,
What is the most common investiga...
36  cards
Antenatal Care & Screening
How do you assess the sensitivity...,
How do you assess the specificity...,
What history and examination is t...
23  cards
Early Pregnancy Complications
What does a missed miscarriage lo...,
Minimal bleeding is a very common...,
What are the three different type...
54  cards
Problems in Pregnancy: Large for Dates
What is the definition of a large...,
What is the possible cause of a l...,
How is foetal macrosomnia diagnosed
46  cards
Problems in Pregnancy: Small for Dates
What is defined as a preterm deli...,
What are the causes of preterm birth,
What are the risk factors for pre...
19  cards
Medical Problems in Pregnancy and Labour
Maternal mortality is highest in ...,
What are the most common causes o...,
What factors increase the risk of...
39  cards
What dietary components are recom...,
What social factors may make it d...,
What myth often occurs in pregnan...
32  cards
Normal Labour
What is the definition of labour,
What are the 3 options of where a...,
What is a birth plan
41  cards
Abnormal Labour
What can cause an abnormal labour,
What are the different types of b...,
Other than breech how can a baby ...
32  cards
Hypertension in Pregnancy
What of pregnancies does ht usual...,
How many primigravid 1st baby mot...,
What is eclampsia
40  cards
Perinatal Psychiatry
Maternal suicide is the leading c...,
What symptoms reported by a pregn...,
What recommendations does saving ...
39  cards
Bleeding in Late Pregnancy
What is the cut off for bleeding ...,
Maternal mortality due to haemorr...,
The placenta is entirely foetal t...
65  cards
Maternal Collapse
Why should you make sure that no ...,
What is the leading cause of mate...,
What are the principles of care i...
24  cards
Cervical Screening
How does cervical screening work,
Any woman with symptoms requires ...,
What are the symptoms associated ...
12  cards
Adaptation at Birth
What are the functions of the pla...,
What are the 3 shunts of foetal c...,
What is the fate of the 3 shunts ...
18  cards
Healthy Term Infant
What is defined as a healthy term...,
What is defined as post term,
What is the normal weight for a h...
14  cards
Preterm Infant
What is defined as a preterm infant,
What is defined as a preterm infant,
Premature births fell 10 after wh...
49  cards
Sick Term Infant
The apgar scoring stands for appe...,
What is the normal respiratory ra...,
What is the normal heart rate for...
19  cards
How is downs syndrome screened for,
Why is the nuchal translucency in...,
How is invasive genetic testing d...
41  cards
Surgical Presentation of Newborn
What are the most common surgical...,
Why do newborn babies get sick,
How can prematurity cause problem...
32  cards
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Treatment
What does pop stand for,
Give examples of urethral and ext...,
How many women over the age of 55...
43  cards
Pelvic and Obstetric Physiotherapy
What msk problems in pregnancy ar...,
How long does it take for most fe...,
Why do prolapse patients normally...
22  cards
Cervical Screening / Vulval Pathology
Identify the cells present within...,
What does the endocervix normally...,
What is the transformation zone a...
46  cards
What is the average age of menopause,
What is defined as early prematur...,
What type of cells secrete oestro...
21  cards
Uterine Cancer
What are the two causes of dysfun...,
What is shown on this specimen,
What causes endometrial hyperplasia
32  cards
Pelvic Mass
What are the non gynaecological c...,
What are the gynaecological cause...,
What is the framework that is use...
19  cards
Ovarian Cancer
What are the 3 main pathological ...,
What is a follicular cyst and how...,
What is endometriosis
24  cards
Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy in Gynaecological Cancers
Cervical cancer is most common in...,
Describe the aetiology of cervica...,
What proteins produced by hpv vir...
18  cards
Palliative Care in Gynaecological Malignancies
What physical symptoms do patient...,
What emotional and psycho social ...,
What is the difference between na...
24  cards

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