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Key words- NL do good and avoid evil
38  cards
Arguments for the existence of God
What is a posteriori,
What is a priori,
8  cards
Descartes ontological argument
What was his definition of god,
What analogies did he use,
What was descartes argument
4  cards
Joseph fletchers situation ethics
What is the boss principle of sit...,
What type of ethical theory is it,
What are 6 fundamental principles...
66  cards
St Anselm's Prosologian 1, 2
What is st anselms argument,
What is anselms quote in psalm 53,
What is the whole purpose of the ...
18  cards
Challenges from Gaunilo
What was gaunilos objection,
What was gaunilos analogy,
What is one of gaunilos quotation...
5  cards
Malcoms ontological argument
What was the sum of malcolms argu...,
What did malcolm acknowledge,
What did malcolm say about his ar...
3  cards
Jeremy Bentham's act of utilitarism
What is the theory in a nutshell,
Who created the theory,
What does the greek word for hedo...
29  cards
Js Mill Rule of utilitarism
Who was js mill,
What is the tyranny of the majority,
What was js mills quote about the...
37  cards
Applying Utilitarianism
22  cards
Religious experience
What is a religious experience,
What happens in visions,
What is quasi sensory
69  cards
The bible as a source of wisdom and authority
What does the chapter ecclesiaste...,
What does the chapter luke 6 36 3...,
What does the psalm 119 9 16
7  cards
Moral principles
What are jesus 2 commandments,
What is leviticus 19 34 trying to...,
What are the 7 moral principles
19  cards
Aquinas' law
What was aquinas theory,
What did cicero say about a natur...,
What are aquinas 4 types of law
17  cards
Cosmological argument
What is the basis of the cosmolog...,
What is the kalam argument,
What was aquinas book
18  cards
teological argument
What is the teological argument,
What are the bases of this argument,
What is aquinas 5th way
9  cards
Critisiers of the existence of God
What did hume say about the exist...,
What were hume s structures of th...,
What was hume s 1st argument
9  cards
the problem of evil
What did volitaire say about the ...,
What did elie wiesel say about go...,
What did epiricus say about the p...
33  cards
Ontological arguments
What is ontology
1  cards
Objections to the ontological argument
0  cards
Religious experience
What are mystical experiences,
What are conversion experiences,
What are visions
8  cards
What is baptism,
What was jesus great commission,
What is augustines view on baptism
35  cards
Why is the eucharist universally ...,
What do chritisans say the resemb...,
What are alistar mcgraths importa...
28  cards
Justification through faith and works
What is justification,
What is faith,
What is works
20  cards
The bible as a source of wisdom and authority in daily life
Why is the bible so important for...,
What does eccelsites suggest,
What does luke 6 36 37 suggest
35  cards
Jesus' birth
What is the version of matthews n...,
What are we not told in matthew g...,
What is lukes version
19  cards
Jesus' resurrection
What does ressurection mean,
What is a chasim,
What is an apostle
36  cards
Cosmological arguments
What were aquinas 5 ways,
What is the unmoved mover,
What was aquinas quotations about...
10  cards
telelogical arguments
What is the teleological argument,
What does design qua regularity mean,
What does design qua purpose mean
3  cards
critisises of the teological argument
What does hume say about the deig...,
What does hume say about the exis...,
What was humes criticism
9  cards
What does the western church believe,
What does the eastern church believe,
Who is the leader of the western ...
49  cards
community of believers
When were the acts of the apostles,
What does church mean,
Who were the first christians
29  cards
Iranians theodicy
What are the 2 properties of irae...,
Why didn t god make us perfect,
Why doesn t iraneous think the wo...
20  cards
What does the tanach contaon,
What does the bible contain,
When were the new testament books...
8  cards
Divine command theory
What does the divine command theo...,
What is the euthyphro dilemma plato,
What is the arbitrariness problem
4  cards
determinism and free will
What is hard determinism,
What was john locked reason for h...,
What is soft determinism
70  cards
What does aquinas believe about m...,
What quotation did aquinas use to...,
What were aquinas 3 events
36  cards
Meta ethics
What is meta ethics,
What is moral realism,
What is cognitive
13  cards
The Kalam argument
What is the argument,
What was craig s quotation on per...
2  cards
Inductive arguments
What are these arguments based on,
What is aquinas 5t way,
What is the concept of governance...
10  cards
Norman Malcolm ontological argument
0  cards
Kant's objection towards anselms and descartes
What was the basis of his argument,
What coin analogy did kant use
2  cards
Jung on religion
What does jung say about religion,
What does jung say about collecti...,
What does jung say about archetypes
15  cards
Situaron ethics 4 working principles
How is personalise related to jesus,
Why is personalism bad
2  cards
Strengths and weaknesses of the ontological argument
0  cards
Divine Command theory
What is it,
What questions do the divine comm...,
How may people regard the theory
12  cards
Application challenges to the divine command theory
The virtue theory,
What are the virtues of aristotle,
What are jesus teachings on virtues
14  cards
Commands of god quotes
What is the maiden rapist quote,
What is the homosexual quote that...,
What is a incest quotation from l...
6  cards
Augustines theodicy
What is the basis of augustines t...,
What is the evil as a privation a...,
Why does adam and eve have an inf...
14  cards
Divine command theory quotations
What does dawkins say about god i...,
What does dawkins say about god i...,
What does satre say thats an argu...
11  cards
What are the challenges against divine command theory?
What is the eurythpo dilemma,
What does the dilemma suggest abo...,
What did plato say about god
20  cards
Iraneons theodicy quotation
What does iraneous say about god ...,
How does iraneous disagreeing wit...,
What does john macarthur say abou...
23  cards
Augustans theodicy quotations
What does nazareth say about maki...
1  cards
Against evil theories
How can we apply evolution,
What do buddhists believe about s...
2  cards
Mackies problem of evil
What does mackie suggest,
What is maces quotation on goodness,
4  cards
The problem of evil quotatios
What does thomas hobbes say about...,
What does epiricys say about the ...,
What does griffin state abut god
7  cards
Bible and authority texts and meanings
What does the book of ecclesiates...,
What does the book of psalms sugg...,
What is the meaning of lament in ...
21  cards
Salvation history
What is the process,
What is the 2nd process oft he sa...,
What happens after moses dies
3  cards
atittudes of wealth
What does the rich man say about ...,
What is the passage matthew 6 25 ...,
What is luke 12 33 34 suggesting
9  cards
What is the belief of asceticism,
What are the extremities of ascet...,
Who were the desert fathers
6  cards
Feminism in the bible
What is androcentrisim,
What is androgynous,
What is the bibliolatry
8  cards
Liberation theology
What is the background,
How did the usa interfere,
What was the consensus of 1968 bi...
11  cards
The resurrection
In matthews gospel what time does...,
In marks gospel what time does it...,
In lukes gosepl what time does it...
36  cards
Naturalism- meta ethics
What does james rachel suggest ab...,
How can we apply ethical naturali...,
What is humes point about the mis...
22  cards
Nt wright and the resurrection
Does nt wright beliebe innthe res...,
What is the quotation he makes fr...,
What is the significance of the e...
17  cards
The virtue tjeory
What are the links between jeus b...
1  cards
How does bultmann relating to dem...
1  cards
The bible as a source of wisdom and authority
What do literal christians use th...,
What do conservative christians b...,
What are liberal christians
28  cards
Ecclesiastes In the bible
Who wrote it and why,
How did solomon reply and with wh...,
What is the sole point
8  cards
Luke in the bible for moral advice
What dos luke 6 36 say about bein...,
What is the verse of luke 6 37,
What does ephiseans say about com...
3  cards
The psalms as a guide to living
What does psalm 119 16 suggest,
What does psalm 119 105
2  cards
John calvin on the bible
What were john calvins beliefs on...,
What did james pilkinghton say ab...,
Kenneth s kantzer even
6  cards
Freud religion as an illusion
What did freud call the human mind,
What is the id,
24  cards
Jung on religion
How did jung say that our mind is...,
What did jung believe,
What is the collective unconscious
5  cards
What is the literal translation o...,
What is the estrangement,
What is the quotation from iraneo...
23  cards
The historical realiability of the resurrectionp
How do we know that christs resur...,
What was st pauls definition of t...,
Why is pauls conversion so important
3  cards
The formation of the canon
Quote by raymond collins about th...,
What is the greek word for canon,
What happened with the fist letters
21  cards
How do we know the bible is the word of god
What does timothy 315 17 say abou...,
What different areas of the bible...,
What does the catholic church say...
6  cards
What is secularisation,
What is secular,
What is secular positivism
13  cards
Why do people believe in miracles?
Why do people commonly believe in...,
What is the purpose of miracles,
What are the antiquities of jews
3  cards
nt wright historical jesus
What did nt wright say about the ...
1  cards
The new testament canon quotations
What did augustine say about the ...
1  cards
Jesus' birth
How might our cultural view link ...,
What are the common elements in b...,
What are the difference in both g...
62  cards
Sallie mcfague and god is mother
What does sallie mcfague try and ...,
What is her point about goethe fa...,
Why god as mother
31  cards
The trinity
What are the herseys of the trinity,
What is the view of arianism,
What is the view of tritheism
35  cards
Can god suffer?
What is the classical doctrine of...,
Why do christians think god cant ...,
Ho does the christian doctrine of...
20  cards
Justification through faith and works- Martin Luther
Who was martin luther prior to hi...,
What was luthers first solution w...,
What was luthers second solution ...
53  cards
The council of trent
What is the background,
Wgat was the councils decree in q...,
What is anathema
11  cards
St Paul resurrection
What does st paul basically say a...,
What set text is it,
What does corinthians actually di...
9  cards
Incarnation and jesus birth
What is the kentoic model,
What is the substantial presence,
How is lukes gospel linking wiht ...
7  cards
Feminist theology- reuther
What does reuther say about the c...,
What does genesis 3 16 say about ...,
What does exodus 21 7 8 say about...
32  cards
feminist thology- daly|
How did cunningham describe daly,
How does daly describe the womens...,
What has happened over time accor...
30  cards
the bible as a meaning and purpose of life tsxts
What is the basis of the bible on...,
How does genesis describe the for...,
What is the meaning of the savalt...
13  cards
the bible as a guide to everyday living texts
What does john 5 39 say about the...,
How are christian s saved,
How is jesus a model to christian s
9  cards
the bible as a soutce of comfort and encourgameent
What does st paul write to the ro...,
How is god portrayed in the bible...,
How have times not chnaged in ter...
12  cards
The bible as a source kf wisdom and authority texts
How is the proverbs packed with w...,
How does the proverbs offer life ...,
What is the golden rule in the se...
3  cards
How does the bible show religious authority
What does the psalms say about th...,
How do people today non thirst st...,
How cant the biblical teachings b...
23  cards
Evaluation issues of morality bible]
What are some of the ways we can ...,
How has the bible been used as a ...,
Why doesn t the bible provide mor...
8  cards
Kerygma verses
What does luke 4 18 say about jes...,
What does paul say about preaching,
What are the 6 parts of the keryg...
3  cards
logical positivism evaulation
What do logical positivists from ...,
How is logical positivsts applied...,
How did ayer adapt logical psotiv...
17  cards
What is the basis of falsification,
How is falsification applied tor ...,
Why cant we falsify religious sta...
9  cards
Jesus ressurection passages
What does matthew say about the s...,
What does john say about the resu...
2  cards
pauls ressurected body
What is paul arguing about the re...,
What does paul say about the resu...,
1 what does st paul teach about d...
18  cards
Virtue theory
What is the theory in a nutshell,
What type of approach is it,
What is virtue ethics concerned with
13  cards
What are the inherent problems of rl?
What is the 1st challenge due to ...,
How are sacred texts abs religiou...,
What is the challenge of no shared
3  cards

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