s2 case 3 - asthma & copd

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Physiology of Gaseous Exchange + Mechanisms of Ventilation
What is the pleural cavity,
What does the chest wall want to ...,
What do the lungs want to natural...
17  cards
Acid-base and Blood Gases
What happens in an oxygen deficit,
What happens when its oxygen rich,
What happens if there is an injur...
39  cards
Pharmaceutical Management of Cough
What is a cough,
What is an acute cough,
What is a subacute cough
34  cards
Allergy Rhinitis: Antihistamines
What is allergy rhinitis,
What are the main symptoms,
What are some diagnostic tests
20  cards
Histaminergic System + Antihistamines
What are autacoids,
What is histamine,
What are the histamine cells
33  cards
Physiochemical Properties
What must an ideal oral drug be,
What is a physiochemical property,
What are the physiochemical prope...
47  cards
Allergy + Hypersensitivity
What is hypersensitivity,
What type of reaction is type i,
What type of reaction is type ii
52  cards
Cough: Mechanisms, Causes + Pharmacological Therapy
What is a chronic cough,
What does the cough reflex involve,
What is the central mechanism for...
38  cards
Pathophysiology + Pharmacology of Asthma
What is asthma,
What are the causes of asthma attack,
Describe structure of smooth musc...
49  cards
Pathophysiology of COPD
What is copd,
What is copd predominantly caused by,
What are the symptoms of copd
33  cards
How is asthma managed,
What is an example of adrenergic ...,
What is an example of corticosteroid
25  cards
Inhaled Route of Delivery: Dry Powder Inhaler
How do they deliver to the drugs,
Where the particles go if they ar...,
Where will the particles go if th...
51  cards
Pressurised Metered Dose Inhalers + Nebulisers
What must the drug be,
Describe the delivery of the drug,
What does deposition depend on
43  cards
Heteroaromatic Chemistry
Why is benzene stable,
When does aromaticity occur,
What should the e cloud contain i...
67  cards
Particle Size Analysis
What are the problems with partic...,
What is the solution to particle ...,
What is equivalent sphere diameter
37  cards
Chemistry of Fe
Where are cytochrome p450s found,
What type of molecules are cytoch...,
What do cytochrome p450s do to ar...
54  cards
Chemistry of Signalling Metals
What are all na k ca2 involved in,
What are na k involved in,
Describe electrical signalling
16  cards
Chemistry of Zinc
What can the wrong metal associat...,
How do you calculate the highest ...,
What is the 1st rule about oxidat...
21  cards
Part Size Reduction
What is comminution,
Why does particle size need to be...,
What happens if you have smaller ...
25  cards
Inhalation Product Design
What must be considered in inhale...,
What is the most suitable particl...,
What are the scientific challenges
37  cards
Case Study: Salbutamol/Salmeterol
What is asthma,
What are patients with asthma cha...,
What causes bronchodilation
43  cards
Respiratory Tract Infection
What is specific ab in upper tract,
What is the specific ab in lower ...,
Describe the muco ciliary escalat...
86  cards
Cystic Fibrosis: Case Study
What is done at birth,
What is trypsinin,
What is then done if irt levels c...
41  cards
Gene Therapy
What is gene therapy,
When does reverse transcription o...,
What are the gene therapy approaches
49  cards
Molecular Genetics
What are chromosomes 1 22,
What is the 23rd chromosome pair,
What are males
75  cards

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