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SAFe House of Lean
Which part of the lean house is r...,
Which part of the safe house of l...,
Name the 4 pillars of the safe ho...
11  cards
10 Safe Lean_Agile Principles and Agile Value Statements
True or false we are uncovering b...,
True of false we value individual...,
True or false we value working so...
20  cards
Basic concepts of Agile
Safescrumcrystalkanbanextreme pro...,
Timeboxes stories daily stand ups...,
An ________ _________ is a compre...
28  cards
SAFe vs Scrum
Scrum sprint planningsafe _______...,
Scrum sprint reviewsafe _________...,
Scrum sprint retrospectivesafe __...
12  cards
Kanban vs Scrum
_______ methodology is all about ...,
______ completes an increment of ...,
Scrum each team member has a pre ...
8  cards
ARTS and Agile Teams
Agile teams are ______ _______l s...,
True or false agile teams are opt...,
Agile teams deliver value every _...
35  cards
Iterations and Backlogs
Definition of iteration a ______ ...,
The duration of an iteration is t...,
The iteration goal is to deliver ...
10  cards
DevOps and Continuous Delivery Pipeline
Devops is a part of the agile pro...,
Devops is a mindset a ________ an...,
Devops provides ________ integrat...
15  cards
Scrum Master Role
A scrum master is servent leader ...,
True or false a scrum master spen...,
A scrum master exhibits _____ ___...
28  cards
Common attributes of a high performing team
Common attributes of a high perfo...,
Common attributes of a high perfo...,
Common attributes of a high perfo...
16  cards
Meetings and ceremonies
Who should attend the scrum of sc...,
Who should attend the scrum of sc...,
What is the purpose of the scrum ...
22  cards
The _________ is a description of...,
Vision can be displayed as a post...,
True or false a vision should be ...
46  cards
PI Planning
Two inputs for pi planning,
Outputs of pi planning,
True or false features are implem...
41  cards
Facilitating Iteration Execution
Iteration planning,
True or false the iteration plann...,
5 steps of iteration planning 1 e...
41  cards
Backlog Refinement
What is the frequency of the back...,
Backlog refinement helps the team...,
Backlog refinement provides time ...
14  cards
Iteration Review
The iteration review provides the...,
True or false preparation for the...,
Teams ________ every story spike ...
22  cards
Iteration Retrospective_Relentless Improvement
Iteration retrospective should be...,
Purpose of the iteration retrospe...,
What is the outcome of iteration ...
10  cards
Finishing the PI
True or false the innovation and ...,
True or false without the ip iter...,
True or false pi planning is held...
17  cards

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