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Maps: Regions and Prefectures
What is the region in grey,
What is the region in orange,
What is the region in pink
55  cards
Pre-Meiji Names
Hokkaido 1,
Aomori 1,
Iwate 2
47  cards
Foundation: General
During which period was the birth...,
When did the yayoi period start,
During which three periods is tem...
30  cards
Foundation: Environment
What latitudes does japan span,
What does the large span of latti...,
How many isalnds are there in the...
15  cards
Foundation: Rice
How long has sake specific rice b...,
How manore sake specific rice str...,
What is the japanese name for a s...
56  cards
Foundation: Water
Is japan s water generally soft o...,
Why is soft water broadly prefera...,
Why was hard er water broadly mor...
20  cards
Foundation: Microbes
Which two microbes are used in sa...,
Which koji is used for almost all...,
Which koji are used mainly for sh...
29  cards
Foundation: Human Element
Which is the predominant method o...,
When were bodai moto ni moto and ...,
What is the aim of bodai moto
19  cards
Foundation: Other
What trend might you discern for ...,
What two broad trends are there f...,
What other trend might impact cer...
5  cards
Foundation: Shōchū
What are the two main types of sh...,
What is the typical abv of shochu,
What are the two theories of how ...
20  cards
Hokkaido keywords environment,
Hokkaido keywords rice,
Hokkaido keywords water
9  cards
Tōhoku: General
Which mountain range splits tohok...,
What is one of the most important...,
Roughly how much of japan s overa...
5  cards
Tōhoku: Miyagi
Miyagi the land of ______ ____,
What are miyagi s breweries maste...,
What is miyagi s table rice
16  cards
Tōhoku: Akita
Which two pre meiji names are ass...,
What are,
What feature of the environment w...
35  cards
Tōhoku: Yamagata
What is the pre meiji name for ya...,
What are the mountains in yamagat...,
What is the major river called in...
28  cards
Tōhoku: Fukushima
How has fukushima sake changed ov...,
What are fukushima s three region...,
Which lake siting in the centre o...
17  cards
Tōhoku: Others (Aomori, Iwate)
0  cards
Kantō: General
Is there a distinct style for sak...,
Which prefecture is home to japan...,
Which kanto prefecture has the to...
3  cards
Kantō: Ibaraki
In 2020 ibaraki formed japan s ne...,
Sudo honke was founded when,
Which brewery revived tankan wata...
11  cards
Kantō: Tochigi
How might you describe tochigi s ...,
What has changed tochigi s sake s...,
What is the toji guild of tochigi
12  cards
Kantō: Others (Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tōkyō, Kanagawa)
0  cards
Chūbu: General
Chubu is arguably the country s m...,
Is it easy to generalise chubu s ...,
The chubu region is the birthplac...
7  cards
Chūbu: Niigata
For which style of sake is niigat...,
Which leading toji guild in based...,
Which institution was instrumenta...
31  cards
Chūbu: Ishikawa
Where was the first gi for sake i...,
Which mountain is a key water sou...,
Which river flows from hakusan
15  cards
Chūbu: Nagano
What is notable about the,
What does nagano s alpine environ...,
Which three mountain ranges borde...
35  cards
Chūbu: Gifu
What two mountain ranges sit in t...,
What is the southern half of gifu...,
What are the major mountain range...
13  cards
Chūbu: Shizuoka
Shizuoaka s sake style has become...,
Shizuoka is divided into three re...,
Shizuoka is home to half of japan...
12  cards
Chūbu: Others (Toyama, Fukui, Yamanashi, Aichi)
0  cards
Kansai: General
What is the kansai region also kn...,
___ is the birthplace of sake wit...,
Which two areas in kansai make up...
6  cards
Kansai: Kyōto
Kyoto is located in a segment of ...,
2  cards
Kansai: Hyōgo
0  cards
Kansai: Nara
0  cards
Kansai: Others (Mie, Shiga, Ōsaka, Wakayama)
0  cards
Chūgoku: General
0  cards
Chūgoku: Okayama
0  cards
Chūgoku: Hiroshima
0  cards
Chūgoku: Others (Tottori, Shimane, Yamaguchi)
0  cards
Shikoku: General
0  cards
Shikoku: Ehime
0  cards
Shikoku: Kochi
0  cards
Shikoku: Others (Tokushima, Kagawa)
0  cards
Kyūshū & Okinawa: General
0  cards
Kyūshū & Okinawa: Fukuoka
0  cards
Kyūshū & Okinawa: Saga
0  cards
Kyūshū & Okinawa: Kumamoto
0  cards
Kyūshū & Okinawa: Others (Nagasaki, Ōita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Okinawa)
0  cards
Regional Foods
Sea urchinishikari nabejinhisukan...,
Ichigo ni strawberry hotpot ____ ...,
Kiritanpo nabehatahatainaniwa udo...
47  cards

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