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Compressor Fundamentals - Part A
What is a barometer,
What does a barometer measure,
For every 1000 feet of gain in al...
36  cards
Stationary Engine Fundamentals
What does blind a line mean,
What are the proper steps to disa...,
What should you do if entering a ...
43  cards
Fuel Induction Ignition And Starting Systems
Our of these fuels natural gas ga...,
What is a btu stand for and what ...,
What is the metric version of btu
95  cards
Pneumatic Systems
What is this and what are the par...,
For a pneumatic system should the...,
Are bends good in a pnematic system
154  cards
Compressor Fundamentals - Part B
What does a crankshaft do in a co...,
What is a crosshead,
What is this
48  cards
Introduction To Hydraulics - Part A
What is a prime mover,
Output units are refered to as __...,
What principles do hydraulics wor...
63  cards
Rigging Procedures - Part A
Label this,
What six factors should you consi...,
What are three types of cores for...
116  cards
Rigging Procedures - Part B
What is the main problem with chains,
Which can withstand shock loading...,
How do you identify chain that is...
84  cards
Threaded Fasteners And Locking Devices
Threaded fasteners include what,
What is a screw,
What id the difference between a ...
80  cards
Safety Questions
What are fire extinguishers with ...,
What are b fire extinguishers use...,
What are c extinguishers used for...
60  cards
Trade Science
What is tensile strength,
What is ductility,
What is malleability
22  cards
Millwright Manual
0  cards
Hydraulics Test
The meter out type curcuit for a ...,
What is this,
A dcv having a float center spool...
65  cards
Steam Turbines Test Year 4
A steam turbine having a very hig...,
The reaction type blading works o...,
The assembly connected to the ste...
7  cards
Gas Turbines
What type of engine is a gas turbine,
How does a gas turbine work,
What is the power rating of a tur...
12  cards
Steam Turbines Part A
How hot can turbines get,
What is a sentinel valve,
Is a sentinal valve used to relie...
77  cards
What is a raidal load,
What is a axial load,
What two main types of roller ele...
52  cards
What is this,
What is this,
What is this
46  cards
What are ferrous metals,
Punches dies shears blades cuttin...,
What are non ferrous metals
82  cards
Cranes And Hoists
What are the two basic types of c...,
What type of crane is this,
What type is crane is this
18  cards
Steam Turbines - Part B
What is a governor,
What is a acceleration governor,
When does the acceleration govern...
34  cards
Bolt Measurement, Thread and Designation
What three measurements are stand...,
What does sae stand for what type...,
What is major diameter
4  cards
Introduction To GMAW
What does gmaw stand for,
What is the most advantagious qua...,
What is gmaw also known as
9  cards
What is 7018 also refered to as,
What kind of steel is 7018 used with,
What do the 70 stand for in 7018
33  cards
Tradesman Knowledge
What is best to use for a soft pu...,
How do you restore o ring to ther...,
What do brake clean do to o rings
108  cards
Clutches And Brakes
What is the purpose of a clutch i...,
What do positive contact clutches...,
What are three types of positive ...
38  cards
Clutches And Brakes Test
What is done to adjust the torque...,
What is a torque limiting clutch ...
2  cards
With pressure sealing gaskets are...,
What two types of o rings are there,
What are two main catagories of d...
57  cards
What is a muff coupler what is im...,
Can different size shafts be used...,
The molded inserts used in most f...
20  cards
What is the most accurate way to ...,
What do you correct first when de...,
8  cards
Name three types of friction,
What friction type has tearing an...,
From least to most rate friction ...
78  cards
Shafts And Attachments
The term fit can be defined as what,
What are kennedy keys,
What is the standard taper for a ...
49  cards
The proper cut of file to use whe...,
The tool used to create internal ...,
The tool used to create external ...
32  cards
What are the two classifications ...,
A plunger pump is often found in ...,
Piston and plunger pumps are best...
173  cards
Technical Drawings
The plan view is from the ______,
What are two type of orthographic...,
What is this
31  cards
What is another term for offset m...,
What is not a concern when using ...,
What is the name of the condition...
78  cards
The internal thread needed to ins...,
The initals unf as used with thre...,
A hole only drilled part way is c...
22  cards
Rigging MWM
A knot in a rope will cut the str...,
Which knot is used for rescues,
How do you know chains are approp...
7  cards
Belt Drives
What is another name for belt drives,
How do belt drives transmit power,
The amount of power that a belt d...
84  cards
What is the equation for circumfe...,
What is the equation for a circle...,
What is the equation for a sphere...
4  cards
Belts - Part A (Alberta Books)
Can a v belt touch the bottom of ...,
What is the minimum amount of con...,
What area of v belts transmit pow...
8  cards
Gear Drives MWM
Label this,
Label this,
Define rack
8  cards
Bearings MWM
What is this label it,
What is this label it,
What is this
35  cards
Prime Movers
17  cards
Power Transmission
9  cards
Preventive Maintenance
What kinda of check are oil check...,
What kinda of check are oil chang...
2  cards

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