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10.30.T - Sci Lesson Review: Tundra and Taiga
1030t lesson review tundra and taiga,
The biome closed to the north and...,
An adaptation for organisms livin...
15  cards
10.30.R - Sci Lesson Review: Temperate Grassland and Deciduous Forest
The soil in the temperate deciduo...,
Temperate deciduous forests can r...,
What type of animals are found in...
14  cards
10.31.W - Sci Lesson Review: Temperate Rainforest / Tropical Grassland & Rainforest
When soil allows for rapid draini...,
Temperate rainforests are located...,
Bacteria in the tropical rainfore...
16  cards
10.31.F - Sci Quiz: Four Cold Land Biomes / Four Warm Land Biomes
A layer of permanently frozen soi...,
The most common tree in the taiga...,
How many types of tundras are the...
28  cards
10.31.R - Sci Lesson Review: Desert
The atacama desert rarely sees ra...,
Deserts receive less than 10 inch...,
Deserts are found from latitude 3...
7  cards
10.32.T - Sci Lesson Review: Freshwater Ecosystems Part 1 & 2
Moving bodies of freshwater that ...,
The water of rivers and streams i...,
Rivers carve out carving paths ca...
29  cards
10.32.R - Sci Lesson Review: Saltwater Ecosystems Part 1 & 2
Estuaries are located near the eq...,
The living organisms comprised of...,
The largest biome on earth is est...
17  cards
10.33.F - Sci Test: Module Ten
How many types of tundras are the...,
Plants that do not die every year...,
The biome closed to the north and...
44  cards
11.34.R - Sci Lesson Review: Changes in Ecosystems and Human Activity
Fertilizers are rich in _________...,
An increase in the number of nutr...,
The first organisms that live in ...
27  cards
7.19.W - Sci Lesson Review: Introduction to Classification / Domains and Kingdoms / Dichotomous Key
The system for outlining the step...,
The domain eukarya are all ______...,
A guide that is used for the clas...
16  cards
7.20.W Sci - Lesson Review: Archaea / Bacteria / Viruses
Which structures of bacteria allo...,
Extreme bacteria are ___________ ...,
Bacteria that live in the soil an...
16  cards
7.20.R Sci - Quiz: Introduction to Classification / Archaea, Bacteria, & Viruses
Parasitic diseases such as africa...,
Domains archaea and bacteria are ...,
The largest present day groups in...
16  cards
7.21.T Sci - Lesson Review: Introduction to Protists / Protist Reproduction
Reproductive cells that are resis...,
If conditions are favorable most ...,
Unicellular protists with unique ...
13  cards
7.21.W Sci - Lesson Review: Three Types of Protists
What type of protists grows on sc...,
An example of a fungus like proti...,
These protists can be found livin...
22  cards
7.22.T Sci - Lesson Review: Fungi
Fungi reproduce ____________ sexu...,
Fungi can be _____________ both h...,
Fungi s cell walls are made of __...
13  cards
7.22.R Sci - Test: Module Seven
Parasitic diseases such as africa...,
A dichotomous key gives a series ...,
What kingdom has the following ch...
36  cards
8.23.W Sci - Lesson Review: Introduction to Plants / Reproduction / Functions
The site of photosynthesis is the...,
In angiosperms the ovary develops...,
Cell walls are made of ________ l...
27  cards
8.24.T - Sci Lesson Review: Characteristics of Animals / Diversity
The maintaining of a stable inter...,
Birds and mammals are __________ ...,
The process of developing differe...
25  cards
8.24.R Sci - Lesson Review: Animal Behavior / Animal Social Structure and Life Functions
A set of actions taken by an orga...,
An area occupied by a group or in...,
Groups of individuals that have a...
14  cards
8.24.F - Sci Quiz: Plants & Animals
Instead of producing seeds seedle...,
Cell walls are made of ________ c...,
The dna of plants is found in the...
29  cards
8.25.F - Sci Test: Module Eight
Plants absorb water with ________...,
Most plants are ________ seedless...,
The dna of plants is found in the...
51  cards
9.26.R - Sci Lesson Review: Ecology
___________ population s cannot o...,
Wind beginning in high latitudes ...,
A frog s _______ is to eat bugs a...
14  cards
9.27.R - Sci Quiz: Ecology / Energy Cycles
Tropical rain forest tundra and t...,
The study of how organisms intera...,
The average weather in a region o...
27  cards
9.27.W - Sci Lesson Review: Energy Cycles
Only about ______ water remains i...,
How much water makes up the human...,
The continuous movement of water ...
22  cards
9.27.R - Sci Quiz: Ecology / Energy Cycles COPY
Tropical rain forest tundra and t...,
The study of how organisms intera...,
The average weather in a region o...
26  cards
9.28.W - Sci Lesson Review: Energy Transfer
The resources in an area that lim...,
As a result of removing the wolf ...,
A producer is also called a n ___...
20  cards
9.29.F - Sci Test: Module Nine
Large regions that are characteri...,
The day to day change in temperat...,
Nonliving factors are called ____...
48  cards

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