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B6: Plant Structure and Function
What are the 4 structures of a plant,
How does carbon dioxide enter the...,
How does water enter the plant so...
23  cards
B7: Hormones
What is homeostasis,
What are hormones are transported...,
Blood glucose concentration is de...
25  cards
B8: Blood, Blood Vessels, Heart, Respiration
What is respiration,
Aerobic respiration equation,
What s the definition of aerobic ...
26  cards
C2: States of Matter and Separating Solutions
Describe the arrangement movement...,
What is a chemical change,
At temperatures below the melting...
10  cards
Cells And Microscopy
State the two types of cells,
What is the difference between a ...,
List 5 components of both plant a...
58  cards
Cells And Control
What is the cell cycle,
What does mitosis produce,
What is cell division by mitosis ...
36  cards
Describe the structure of dna,
What are the pairs of bases in dn...,
What are 4 differences between mi...
18  cards
Natural Selection And Genetic Modification
What is evolution,
What is darwin s theory of evolut...,
Why is the development of antibio...
20  cards
What are 3 elements in the atomic...,
What are ions,
What are isotopes
17  cards
What types of waves are electroma...,
What do electromagnetic waves tra...,
List the order of the electromagn...
10  cards
Conservation Of Energy
What is meant by the conservation...,
What is waste energy,
What are 3 methods of reducing he...
7  cards
Topic 8: Energy- Forces Doing Work
What s the law of energy conserva...,
What are the energy changed invol...,
State any changes in the total en...
15  cards
Topic 9: Forces And Their Effect
What is a force,
What are the two categories that ...,
What are 3 examples of contact fo...
14  cards
Topic 10: Electricity And Circuits
What are the 3 subatomic componen...,
Describe the structure of an atom,
In a closed circuit what will the...
26  cards
B9: Ecosystems And Material Cycles
What does population mean,
What does community mean,
What does ecosystem mean
36  cards
C6: Groups In The Periodic Table
How are elements arranged in the ...,
How many electrons are in the out...,
Why do elements in the same group...
26  cards
C7: Rates Of Reaction And Energy Changes
What is the equation for rate of ...,
What units could be used for rate...,
How can you measure the rate of r...
16  cards
C8: Fuels And Earth Science
What are hydrocarbons,
What is crude oil,
Where can crude oil be found
36  cards
Topic 12: Magnetism And The Motor Effect
At which part of a magnet are the...,
What happens when two magnets are...,
What type of force is exerted if ...
15  cards
Topic 13: Electromagnetic Induction
What is electromagnetic induction,
When does induction occur,
What are generators
17  cards
Topic 15: Forces And Matter
How many forces are required to c...,
Explain the relationship between ...,
What is meant by an inelastic pla...
6  cards

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