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Decks in this class (20)

SNC2D Biology Test #1
58  cards
SNC2D Biology Test #2
Stem cells,
Cellular differentiation,
Embryonic stem cells
59  cards
SNC2D Chemistry Test #1
Pure substance
64  cards
SNC2D Chemistry Test #2
22  cards
SNC2D Physics Test #1
Electromagnetic waves,
Visible spectrum
66  cards
SBI3U Test #1
Nitrogenous bases,
Nitrogenous base pairs 1
49  cards
SCH3U Units 1 & 2
Define chemistry,
Observing matter,
Define matter
45  cards
SBI3U Mitosis Quiz
Matching 1,
Matching 2,
Matching 3
39  cards
SCH3U The Big 50
100  cards
SCH3U Bonding Quiz
Purpose of bonding,
Pure covalent compounds,
Polar covalent bonding
10  cards
SBI3U Evolution Test #1
Define fitness,
Define selective pressure,
Define natural selection
49  cards
SCH3U Test #2 (Ch. 3+4)
What are the melting points of io...,
What are the conductivity levels ...,
What are the states at room tempe...
24  cards
SCH3U Test #3 (Ch. 5, 6, 7)
Define anhydrous,
What is a carbon hydrogen combust...,
Define empirical formula
26  cards
SBI4U Test 1
Functional groups,
What functional group is this,
What functional group is this
39  cards
SBI4U Test 2
Distinguish between anabolism and...,
State the 2 laws of thermodynamics,
What is entropy
28  cards
SBI4U Test 3
Distinguish between oxidation and...,
Distinguish between,
Draw and label a mitochondrion
26  cards
SCIE 1P50 Midterm Exam
When does restoration mining occur,
Name 4 ways in which humans depen...,
What is the purpose of mine resto...
121  cards
SCIE 1P50 Final Exam
What does ree stand for,
What does rem stand for,
How many rare earth metals exist
200  cards
SCIE 1P51 Midterm
From what virus does smallpox ori...,
Name four major effects of smallpox,
What is lady mary montagu known for
98  cards
SCIE 1P51 Final
What is organ printing,
How many functioning 3d printed o...,
What does am stand for
246  cards

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