scots property law

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Real rights,
Subordinate real rights exist in ...,
What are the three subordinate re...
54  cards
What is the residual real right,
2 important powers of ownership,
3 ways to acquire ownership
50  cards
What is assignation,
What do we call the person doing ...,
What do we call the person receiv...
33  cards
Land Registration
Transfer of real rights in herita...,
What is contained at the missives...,
Before buying what will buyer so
33  cards
Involuntary Transfer
For involuntary transfer are the ...,
What is the difference from volun...,
What are the situations where inv...
36  cards
Original Acquisition
What is the fundamental of origin...,
2 reasons this may happen,
What situations see old ownership...
32  cards
Land Ownership
How do we know how far you land o...,
Fences at ad medium filum,
Vertical boundaries
38  cards
law of the tenement
Law of the tenement here means,
Common law,
Why do we need tenements s act 2004
28  cards
4 ways to cross someones land,
What is a servitude,
Why servitude and not other option
28  cards
Rights in Security
What are rights in securities com...,
What type of right are rights in ...,
Definition of a security
44  cards
How did erskine define liferents,
Ownership is referred to as the,
The houses referred t as the
16  cards
Human Rights
Two sources of rights,
Vertical effect,
Potential application in property...
17  cards
What rights does a lease give tenant,
3 main types of leases,
When must leases be in writing
55  cards

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scots property law

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