section 7 trauma

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Chapter 29 Trauma Systems and Mechanism of Injury
The acute physiologic and structu...,
The energy stored in an object su...,
Knowledge of kinetics can help th...
64  cards
Chapter 30 Bleeding
1 which of the following componen...,
2 the cardiac cycle begins with t...,
3 afterload is defined as the a p...
44  cards
Chapter 31 Soft-Tissue Trauma
1 the most significant immediate ...,
2 the skin is also referred to as...,
3 all of the following are functi...
65  cards
Chapter 32 Burns
1 the least significant complicat...,
2 the skin sheds excess heat from...,
3 the severity of a thermal burn ...
76  cards
Chapter 33 Face and Neck Trauma
1 which of the following bones is...,
2 what two major nerves provide s...,
3 blood supply to the face is pro...
55  cards
Chapter 34 Head and Spine Trauma
1 the galea aponeurotica is a the...,
2 the ______________ consists of ...,
3 the brain connects to the spina...
130  cards
Chapter 35 Chest Trauma
1 which of the following statemen...,
2 bony structures of the thorax i...,
3 the eighth ninth and tenth ribs...
66  cards
Chapter 36 Abdominal and Genitourinary Trauma
2 which of the following factors ...,
3 ems providers can have the most...,
4 the abdomen extends superiorly ...
46  cards
Chapter 37 Orthopaedic Trauma
1 isolated musculoskeletal injuri...,
2 a function of the musculoskelet...,
3 which of the following structur...
70  cards
Chapter 38 Environmental Emergencies
1 thermoregulation is a function ...,
2 which of the following statemen...,
3 in situations where the environ...
100  cards

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section 7 trauma

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