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Section 1
The following describes what act ...,
The following describes what act ...,
What does the cia triad stand for
62  cards
Section 2
Software designed to infiltrate a...,
What are the seven types of malware,
The following describes which typ...
26  cards
Section 3
There are two ways for malware to...,
What is a threat vector,
What is an attack vector
36  cards
Section 4 - Security Applications and Devices
Software application that protect...,
How do personal firewalls work,
With each of the following operat...
69  cards
Section 5 - Mobile Device Security
There s two main things we have t...,
If were using wifi we want to mak...,
How do you protect your mobile de...
24  cards
Section 6 - Hardening
What is hardening,
What is the concept of least func...,
In large networks what is the bes...
44  cards
Section 7 - Supply Chain Assessment
By conducting a supply chain asse...,
In order to create a trusted comp...,
What is due diligence
29  cards
Section 8 - Virtualization
This can help you emulate your ph...,
The most common use of virtualiza...,
What is a virtual machine
23  cards
Section 9 - Application Security
How do you ensure the security of...,
What do proxies do
17  cards
Section 10 - Secure Software Development
To try and counteract the complex...,
What is sldc,
Sldc is based on a generic ___ mo...
88  cards
Section 11 - Network Security
What does osi stand for,
This is used to explain how netwo...,
What is a helpful mnemonic that c...
63  cards
Section 12 - Perimeter Security
When we discuss perimeter securit...,
These are primarily used to secti...,
What are the three main types of ...
43  cards
Section 13 - Cloud Computing
0  cards
Section 14 - Workflow Orchestration
What is orchestration,
What are the three types of orche...,
What is third party orchestration
16  cards
Section 15 - Network Attacks
What is a port,
What is an inbound port,
What is an outbound port
95  cards
Section 16 - Securing Networks
What are some examples of network...,
What is a default account,
How do you prevent a weak password
58  cards
Section 17 - Physical Security
What is a mantrap,
What are the five factors of auth...,
Biometrics rely on what to identi...
6  cards
Section 18 - Facilities Security
What are the three types of fire ...,
In order to choose which type of ...,
What does a class a fire consist of
52  cards
Section 19 - Authentication
What is multi factor authentication,
What is exponentially more secure...,
There are five basic factors of a...
63  cards
Section 20 - Access Control
What is access control,
What are the four access control ...,
What is dac
31  cards
Section 21 - Risk Assessments
What are risk assessments,
In every risk management program ...,
What is risk avoidance
44  cards
Section 22 - Vulnerability Management
What is a vulnerability assessment,
Vulnerability assessments are a f...,
What is vulnerability management
37  cards
Section 23 - Monitoring Types
When it comes to monitoring the n...,
What is signature based monitoring,
What is anomaly based monitoring
64  cards
Section 24 - Crytography
What is cryptography,
Encryption is used to provide us ...,
What is data at rest
52  cards
Section 25 - Hashing
What is hashing,
A unique thing about a hash diges...,
What is the most commonly hash al...
27  cards
Section 26 - Public Key Infrastructure
What is pki,
What is the difference between pk...,
For pki to work successfully we n...
45  cards
Section 27 - Security Protocols
What does s mime stand for,
What is s mime,
S mime uses ___ session keys for ...
36  cards
Section 28 - Planning for the Worst
How can you plan for the worst,
What is redundancy,
When look at redundancy planning ...
67  cards
Section 29 - Social Engineering
What is social engineering,
What is pretexting,
What is an insider threat
28  cards
Section 30 - Policies and Procedures
Policies are one part of a larger...,
What is it governance,
How do you apply it governance
114  cards
Section 31 - Incident Response Procedures
What is an incident response,
What is the basic six procedure f...,
What happens during the preparati...
90  cards
Nmap Flags
Nmap 19216811,
Nmap 19216811 19216821,
Nmap 19216811 254
14  cards
Ports & Protocols
What is port 20 21,
What is port 22,
What is port 49
21  cards

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