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Introduction to the Cardiovascular System
Why do we need the cardiovascular...,
Give examples of organ systems th...,
What is passive diffusion and how...
57  cards
Cardiac Cycle
What allows cardiac contraction t...,
What is the effect of the sinoatr...,
What is the purpose of the atriov...
61  cards
Control of Cardiac Output
What is cardiac output,
What is stroke volume,
What is the equation linking hear...
65  cards
Cardiac Contraction
What are the effects of positive ...,
What are dopamine and dobutamine ...,
Outline a possible mechanism of a...
68  cards
Principles of Haemodynamics
What is haemodynamics,
What is haemodynamics,
Is the cvs an open or closed system
51  cards
Control of Blood Flow
What does tpr control,
What is tpr controlled by,
What is conductance in relation t...
46  cards
Nervous and Hormonal Control of Vascular Tone
Give examples of three molecules ...,
What might trigger vasoconstriction,
Where is anp atrial natriuretic p...
77  cards
Capillaries I: Solute Exchange
What is a solute and give some ex...,
What are the 2 barriers to solute...,
Describe the structure of the cel...
41  cards
Capillaries II: Fluid Exchange
What is the importance of fluid e...,
Describe fluid movement at the ca...,
What is fluid movement dependant on
28  cards
Properties of Special Circulations
Describe coronary circulation,
State the special requirements of...,
State the special structural feat...
43  cards
Reflex Control of CVS
What receptors do excitatory inpu...,
What type of response do excitato...,
What receptors do inhibitory inpu...
42  cards
Coordinated Responses of The CVS *
What is orthostasis,
What are the effects of orthostas...,
How does the body counteract post...
47  cards
Why does coagulation occur,
Describe arterial thrombosis,
Describe venous thrombosis
50  cards
Pharmacology of the CVS - Angina
What are the 3 main symptoms of a...,
What is angina,
How does anginal pain form
51  cards
Mechanism of Atheroma and Infarction
Define atheroma,
Define infarction,
What is the link between atherosc...
41  cards
Heart Failure
What is congestive heart failure chf,
Pulmonary oedema is a cardinal si...,
Peripheral oedema eg legs feet is...
7  cards
Ischaemic Heart Disease
What is angina,
What is myocardial infarction,
What is the difference between an...
11  cards
Pulmonary Ventilation *
What does tachypnoeic mean,
What does tachycardic mean,
What does hypoxaemic mean
61  cards
Mechanics of Breathing
Why is the fall in alveolar press...,
What does impaired airway functio...,
What does the rate of airflow dep...
56  cards
Gas Exchange In The Lung
Gas exchange involves diffusion o...,
Gas exchange involves diffusion o...,
What is the rate of diffusion det...
42  cards
Blood Gas Transport
What determines how much gas diss...,
What is the equation linking conc...,
What would happen if a
56  cards
Neural Control of Breathing
How is breathing initiated,
What causes respiratory muscles t...,
Which muscles are utilised in qui...
52  cards
Integrated Control of Ventilation
How does respiratory acidosis occ...,
How does the body respond to acid...,
What are some causes of hypoventi...
35  cards
Pulmonary Defence Mechanisms
How much oxygen is consumed by a ...,
How much oxygen is inhaled from t...,
What is the consequence of the hi...
62  cards
Pathophysiology of Respiratory Diseases - Asthma
What is asthma characterised by,
Asthma consists of an inflammator...,
Asthma consists of an inflammator...
47  cards
Pathophysiology of Respiratory Diseases - COPD and Pneumonia
What is chronic obstructive pulmo...,
Outline three possible causes of ...,
Why is smoking considered dangerous
20  cards
Respiratory Failure
What causes insufficient ventilation,
What causes insufficient gas exch...,
What are the four causes of hypox...
26  cards
Development of the GI Tract
What is the significance of the g...,
Describe primary germ formation,
What two layers does the embryo c...
73  cards
Control of Food Intake
Why should food intake be studied,
Describe ghrelin,
Describe pyy
73  cards
Introduction to Function and Control of The Alimentary Tract
What are the digestive functions ...,
Describe the role of the stomach ...,
How does the fundus allow large v...
77  cards
Transport Along and Across GI Tract PART 1
What two mechanisms is transport ...,
Name two areas tonic contractions...,
Describe storage
59  cards
The Liver - An Introduction to Its Function
What are the 3 major aspects of t...,
What accounts for a majority of b...,
Where does the blood in the porta...
77  cards
Metabolic Functions of the Liver
What relevance is the positioning...,
What relevance is the positioning...,
What relevance is the positioning...
50  cards
Oesophagus and its Disorders
Describe the anatomy of the oesop...,
What promotes the transport of in...,
Describe the two sphincters of th...
70  cards
Regulation and Disorders of Gastric Secretion
Describe the stomach anatomically,
What does the fundus secrete,
What do the cardiac and pyloric a...
71  cards
Bile, Gall Bladder and Gall Stones
What is the ampulla of vater form...,
Where is the ampulla of vater found,
What is the general function of t...
70  cards
Pancreatic Exocrine Secretions and Control ***
What are the three types of cells...,
What are acinar cells stimulated ...,
What do the islets of langerhan s...
65  cards
Fluid Loss from GI Tract
List some ways in which water is ...,
List some different types of diar...,
What is osmotic diarrhoea caused by
53  cards
Symptoms of GI Disease
Define nausea,
Define vomiting emesis,
List some things that could cause...
42  cards
Immunological Functions of Alimentary Tract
List some characteristics of the ...,
List some characteristics of the ...,
Where can systemic immunity be found
31  cards
Pharmacological Basis - Treatment of GI Disorders
List some areas of git importance,
What are two types of anti secret...,
What are the clinical uses of h2 ...
68  cards
Microbiology of the Gut
What makes up our gut flora,
What are some structural host def...,
What are some
50  cards
Functional Histology of The Kidney
What are the functions of the uri...,
What role does the urinary system...,
What role does the urinary system...
39  cards
Introduction to Kidneys and Body Fluids
What is the water composition of ...,
Where is the water distributed in...,
Why is there no osmotic movement ...
70  cards
Structure and Function Of Renal Tubule
What are several techniques to in...,
Describe how electric potential i...,
Describe how patch clamping is us...
75  cards
Renal Blood Flow and Glomerular Filtration
Why is there such a huge filtrati...,
Generally how is glomerular fluid...,
What is the glomerular rate gfr s...
57  cards
Renal Plasma Clearance
List the forces favouring filtration,
List the forces opposing filtration,
Why is the gfr important
70  cards
Potassium Balance
Describe the intra and extracellu...,
What is the difference in potassi...,
What maintains the low ecf k
77  cards
Blood Pressure And Kidneys
What is the relationship between ...,
Why are na levels linked to blood...,
Why are na levels linked to blood...
44  cards
Control and Abnormalities of Body Water
As a recap list the percentages o...,
What does osmosis determine,
What do changes in the plasma na ...
39  cards
Acid Base Balance
Why should the ph be kept constan...,
What is the result of an abnormal ph,
How does the metabolism of carboh...
72  cards
Drugs and The Kidney
Describe the central role of the ...,
Which organ metabolises drugs bef...,
How does the liver metabolise drugs
56  cards
What is the rationale for treatin...,
Which types of diuretics are most...,
In advanced heart failure the ext...
31  cards
Renal Diseases
What are the functions of the kidney,
How do we measure kidney function,
List some renal syndromes
45  cards
What is micturition,
What three stages are involved in...,
Describe the basic process of mic...
95  cards
Transport Along and Across GI Tract PART 2
Describe the motor activity in th...,
Describe motor activity in the sm...,
What two emotions can decrease in...
49  cards
Overview of Endocrinology
List some of the major endocrine ...,
List some of the major endocrine ...,
List some of the major endocrine ...
29  cards
What is homeostasis,
What are the 5 components of a fe...,
Why does the value of a controlle...
29  cards
Hormone Synthesis & Action
Describe peptide protein hormones,
Describe steroid iodinated tyrosi...,
As a recap from flc describe the ...
32  cards
What are neuroendocrine cells,
How are neuroendocrine cells cont...,
Give three examples of neuroendoc...
31  cards
Endocrine Control & Metabolism
What is the significance of keepi...,
What is the source of our body gl...,
What prevents plasma glucose surg...
32  cards
Control of Blood Glucose & Endocrine Pancreas
How does glucose get into cells i...,
How does glucose get reabsorbed i...,
Where is glut 1 found and in what...
40  cards
Thyroid Gland
Give a brief overview of thyroid ...,
What are the functions of the dif...,
Thyroid hormones are derived from...
35  cards
Steroids of the Adrenal Cortex
Describe adrenal blood flow,
Describe adrenal functional zonat...,
Describe mineralocorticoid function
32  cards
Pituitary Gland and Its Disorders
The pituitary gland has a dual bl...,
What 6 hormones are released from...,
What 2 hormones are released from...
39  cards
Beyond the Classic Endocrine Glands
How is fat considered an endocrin...,
Describe the relationship between...,
Describe the relationship between...
39  cards
Disorders of Adrenocortical Dysfunction
What are the three stages of cush...,
What are the screening tests for ...,
Describe the overnight low dose d...
40  cards
Principles of Endocrine Disease and Its Assessment
What law are bound and free hormo...,
Describe total hormone assays,
To overcome problems faced by tot...
38  cards

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