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Pediatric Shelf
Lead fingerstick screen is positi...,
Causes of prepubertal vaginal ble...
60  cards
pretest pediatrics
Cyanosis with feeding better with...,
Apt downey test,
Baby born to mom with gdm develop...
39  cards
Causes of breech presentation,
Time frames of prolong latent pha...,
How does cervical change typicall...
47  cards
OB/gyn Uworld
How is fetal heart tracing effect...,
Velvety lesions on vagina
4  cards
OB/GYN pretest
Rate of twins,
Results of 2 vessel cord,
T f hydropnephrosis hydroureter i...
49  cards
GYN pretest
Who should have dexas,
Parabasal cells on pap mean what,
Vaginal cysts
35  cards
OB/GYN nbme
Nabothian cyst,
How to differentiate pagets from ...
24  cards
Medicine- Uworld
Atn vs ain basics,
Dense intramembranous deposits th...,
Most common kidney stone
57  cards
IME stuff
Tx dx of rhabdo,
Mechanism in refeeding syndrome,
Medication to pass a kidney stone
18  cards
Medicine- heme/ onc
Clues to hht,
Gold standard dx for hht,
Tx of hht
11  cards
medicine- renal/ endo
Most common nephrotic syndrome in...,
Aa with hiv or heroin use nephrot...,
Infectious endocarditis associate...
35  cards
last minute medicine
Saag 11,
Hit at risk for what typeof thrombus
2  cards
surgery- pestanos
Signs of mechanical intestinal ob...,
Signs of strangulation,
Signs of strangulated hernia
50  cards
surgery- anatomy pimp questions
Borders of hesselbachs triangle,
Triangle of chalot borders signif...,
Pringle manuever
13  cards
Signs to progress to ex lap from ...,
Pain out of proportion to exam fi...,
Peritonsalar abcess sx
47  cards
hand surgery
In cmc arthroplasty what nerve do...,
What bone is affected in cmc arht...,
What tendon is used to stabilize ...
10  cards
peds surgery
Gurgling coughing bubbling in new...,
Imperforate anus what should you ...,
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia pe
18  cards
sugery- pestanos trauma
Causes of shock trauma,
Tx of hemorrhagic shock resus,
Iv route adult iv route child
29  cards
Dysphagia in rhematic heart pt,
Seemingly signs of tension pneumo...,
Proph managmenet of bleeding esop...
19  cards
sugery- de virgilio
Elective surgery after mi,
Major predictors of adverse cardi...,
Order of cardiovascular risk most...
39  cards
surgery - devirgiolio neuro
Psammoma bodies,
Path behind subdural
9  cards
surgery devirgilio- ortho
Septic arthritis labs,
Trendelenburg sign assoc with obe...,
Brachial artery injury assoc
8  cards
surgery devirgilio- pediatric, trauma, complications
Gastroschisis associations in utero,
Bilious emesis landmark,
Evaluation of sizeable melanoma c...
18  cards
surgery devirgilio- upper GI
Strongest risk factor for gastric...,
Gist tumor,
Management of massive hemoptysis
16  cards
redo surgery
Subperiosteal bone resoprtion,
Blood at urethral meatus,
Transient synovitis
12  cards
psych- behavior d/o
Bipolar ii dx,
Ddx for depression refractory to ...
2  cards
psych- pretest pharm
What psychotropic drugs are metab...,
Likliness to cause orthostatic hy...,
Are tricyclics a good idea in the...
14  cards
psych - amboss
Most common mri finding in schizo...,
Mechanism of dts,
First line smoking cess
38  cards
psych- butterfield review
Two req for 5 9 sx in mdd,
Severe mdd,
Acute stress do vs ptsd
20  cards
psych- neurocog
Wet wacky wobbly,
Timeline of lewbody dementia,
Nms sx
17  cards
psych-pretest everything else
Timeline for adhd,
Specific learning disorder with i...,
Small eyes palpebral fissuresm th...
7  cards
Most common cause of tia cva,
Signs and sx of subclavian steal ...,
Presentation of mca stroke
10  cards
neuro- movement disorders
Shy drager syndrome,
Distinguishing features of psp vs...,
9  cards
Bilateral fixed dilated pupils,
Unilateral fixed dilated pupil,
Pinpoint pupils
8  cards
neuro- weakness
Definitive diagnosis for ms,
Treatment of ms
27  cards
neuro vocab
35  cards
random neuro
Testing language at bedside,
Language hemi,
Utoffs phenomenon
30  cards
neuro- pretest
Multi infarct and hemosiderin,
Wallenberg stroke syndrome latera...,
Nucleus ambiguus
45  cards
neuro nbme
Signs sx of ankylosing spondy,
Sydenham chorea,
S sx of arnold chiari ii malforma...
7  cards
Step 2- uworld wrong answers
Findings in jia
1  cards

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