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Unit 4.1.1 Cell Structure
Animal and plant cells are exampl...,
Eukaryotes are complex organisms ...,
Bacterial cells are p
98  cards
Unit 4.1.2 Cell Division
An example of a gamete is a,
How many chromosome pairs are fou...,
How many chromosomes are found in...
32  cards
Unit 4.1.3 Transport In Cells
What is being described the rando...,
A concentration gradient is,
What factors affect rate of diffu...
43  cards
Unit Triple Culturing Microorganisms
What are bacteria grown in,
What does the culture medium contain,
What are bacteria grown on
28  cards
Unit 4.2 Animal tissues, organs and organ systems and enzymes
What is a meant by a specialised ...,
What is meant by differentiation,
What is a stem cell
94  cards
Unit 4.2 The heart, blood vessels and blood
Where in the body are the lungs l...,
Name the sheet of muscle that lie...,
What structure makes up the lungs
112  cards
Unit 4.2 Coronary heart disease, health issues, lifestyle and cancer
The state of physical and mental ...,
Diseases can be communicable or,
Communicable diseases are disease...
48  cards
Unit 4.2 Plant tissues, organs and organ systems
Epidermal tissue function is,
Palisade mesophyll tissue functio...,
Spongy mesophyll tissue function is
41  cards
Unit 4.3 Communicable diseases
Why do scientists peer reveiw eac...,
Why are drugs first tested on hea...,
Give examples of diseases caused ...
73  cards
Unit 4.3 Monoclonal antibodies triple
Monoclonal antibodies are,
Which cells are used to make a hy...,
What is the spleen
18  cards
Unit 4.3 Plant disease triple
Name a plant disease caused by a ...,
Name a plant disease caused by a ...,
Plant diseases can be detected by...
24  cards
4.4 Photosynthesis
Explain the shape of the graph at...,
What is the main limiting factor ...,
What is the eqaton for photosynth...
35  cards
4.4 Respiration
Where does the oxygen come from f...,
Respiration is a chemical reactio...,
What is the word equation for ana...
38  cards
4.5 Homeostasis and NS structure and function
Homeostasis is,
Name 4 internal conditions that n...,
What 2 control systems do we have...
20  cards
4.5 Nervous system: TRIPLE The brain and the eye
The largest part of the brain is ...,
The outer part of the cerebrum is...,
The cerebellum co ordinates
29  cards
4.5 TRIPLE control of body temperature
What is human body temperature,
What is the name of the center in...,
The thermoregulatory centre has s...
16  cards
4.5 Hormonal control: Introduction and glucose
Which two hormones control the le...,
What is glucose stored as in animals,
How is glucose added to the blood
24  cards
4.5 Hormonal control: TRIPLE water and nitrogen balance
What is the kidneys function,
How do the kidneys produce urine,
Kidneys filter waste products out...
44  cards
4.5 Hormones in human reproduction and contraception
What is the menstrual cycle,
At puberty what sort of hormones ...,
Which hormone is produced in wome...
36  cards
4.5 Hormones and infertiity and negative feedback - higher only
Which 2 hormones do some woman ha...,
The first treatment for infertili...,
If fsh lh injections dont work wh...
17  cards
4.5 TRIPLE Plant hormones
What is positive phototropism,
What is positive gravitropism,
What type of plant hormone is res...
22  cards
4.6 Reproduction
A cell divides in a series of sta...,
What are the initial steps in the...,
In the cell cycle after the dna h...
72  cards
4.6 Variation and Evolution
What is a species,
What is meant by a characteristic,
What is meant by variation
31  cards
4.6 Classification of living organisms
Organising living organisms into ...,
Who proposed the first classifica...,
In the linnaean system living org...
20  cards
4.6 evidence evolution, fossils, extinction, resistant bacteria
1 what is a fossil,
2 where are fossils round,
3 what evidence is provided by fo...
31  cards
4.6 Selective breeding and genetic engineering
Selective breeding can also be ca...,
Give examples of organisms that h...,
Describe the basic process of sel...
21  cards
4.6 TRIPLE Theory of evolution, speciation and understanding genetics
1 who is known as the father of g...,
2 which organism did mendel do mo...,
3 mendel crossed pea plants to ob...
15  cards
4.6 Reproduction TRIPLE
A cell divides in a series of sta...,
What are the initial steps in the...,
In the cell cycle after the dna h...
95  cards
4.6 Cloning TRIPLE
Name the 2 methods of cloning ani...,
Describe the process of adult cel...,
What are the advantages of using ...
14  cards
4.7 Communities including abiotic and biotic factors
An abiotic factor is,
A biotic factor,
An ecosystem is
19  cards
4.7 adaptations
An adaptation is,
Adaptations can be one of three t...,
Structural adaptations are
10  cards
4.7 Organisation of an ecosystem and recycling
Photosynthetic organisms are know...,
Feeding relationships can be repr...,
All food chains begin with
50  cards
4.7.3 Biodiversity and human effects
What is biodiversity,
Why are ecosystems more stable wh...,
Name an ecosystem that has high b...
13  cards
4.7.4 TRIPLE Trophic levels
What name is given to any level i...,
What type of organism is always o...,
What are all organisms that eat o...
18  cards
4.7.5 TRIPLE Food production
What is food security,
Why might some countries suffer f...,
What are fishing quotas
16  cards
4.7 TRIPLE decomposition and environmental change
What is compost,
What can compost be used for,
Rate of decay is affected by
19  cards
4.2.Principles of organisation
The basic unit of all living orga...,
A tissue is,
An organ is
4  cards

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