sle111 cells and genes

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Module 1: What Is Life?
What are the properties of living...,
What is the scientific naming sys...,
What structures are requirements ...
7  cards
Module 2: Building Materials Of Cells
What is acidic on the ph scale,
What is alkaline on the ph scale
2  cards
Module 3: Structure And Biology Of Prokaryotes
What are exotoxins,
What are endotoxins,
What is an endospore
14  cards
Module 4: Structure And Function Of Eukaryotic Cells
What structures form the endomemb...,
What 2 major structures are prese...,
What is chromatin
14  cards
Module 5: The Structure And Function Of Plasma Membrane
What is triacylglyercol,
What does amphipathic mean,
What are the 2 parts of phospholi...
11  cards
Module 6: Metabolism And Enzymes
What are polypeptides,
What is the first law of thermody...,
What is the second law of thermod...
42  cards
Module 7: Cellular Respiration
What is cellular respiration,
What are redox reactions,
What is nad
43  cards
Module 8: Cell Reproduction
What are the phases of mitosis in...,
What are the three main phases of...,
What is a genome
57  cards
Module 9: Meiosis And Sexual Reproduction
What is a fertilised egg called,
What is a karyotype,
What are gametes
12  cards
Module 10: Mendel and Genetic Inheritance
0  cards
Module 11: The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
0  cards
Module 12: DNA structure and replication
0  cards
Module 13: Genes and Proteins
0  cards
Module 14: Biotechnology & Genomics
0  cards
Module 15: Gene Expression
0  cards
Module 16: Mutations
0  cards
Module 17: Viruses
0  cards

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sle111 cells and genes

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