small business and entrepreneurship

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Explanations for business closure
Name the five approaches to expla...,
When would a business close accor...,
When would a business close accor...
12  cards
Defining business growth
Identify 7 measures of business g...,
What type of growth do these all ...,
What are the two most popular mea...
6  cards
The importance of fast growth
Define a gazelle,
List 4 facts of growth,
What did delmar et al 2013 find
14  cards
Explanations for business growth (analysing and measuring it)
What does sermes stand for,
What two approaches form the soci...,
How could networks improve growth
23  cards
Pre-start up factors
Which 4 factors are empirically p...,
How many studies did storey and g...,
What did oecd 2013 find
12  cards
At-start up factors
Definition of at start up factors,
What are the 4 at start up factor...,
Which of the four are empirically...
14  cards
Post-start up factors
Definition of post start up factors,
Identify the 5 post start up fact...,
Which of these have a significant...
13  cards
Equity finance
Definition of equity finance,
What are formal venture capitalists,
What are informal venture capital...
13  cards
Sources of finance/ debt finance
What percent of start ups are fin...,
Who investigated 160 start ups to...,
What is agency theory
13  cards
Public policy, small business and entrepreneurship
What are the three stages of the ...,
Identify the 6 determinants of en...,
Identify the 3 entrepreneurial pe...
18  cards
Macro-policies and SMEs
Definition of macro policies,
Why are macro policies important ...,
Outline the 3 factors of fiscal p...
18  cards
Micro-policies and SMEs
Definition of micro policies,
What are the 5 main policies feard,
What did the european commission ...
15  cards
Defining and measuring business closure
What are the four main ways busin...,
What is the summarised definition...,
What are the positives of busines...
15  cards

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small business and entrepreneurship

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