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agency theory
What is the autonomous state,
What is the agentic shift,
The shift from autonomy to agenti...
8  cards
obedience: social impact theory
Who developed this theory,
What does this theory describe,
What is the source
19  cards
milgrams baseline study
What was the aim of milgrams study,
Who was included in the study,
What was the procedure
12  cards
milgrams variation studies
Why did milgram conduct a his var...,
What were the overall changes,
What were the overall results com...
11  cards
Factors affecting obedience and dissent: Individual differences
What is one of the factors that a...,
What theory does adorno explain,
What does he use to measure autho...
16  cards
Factors affecting obedience: Situation and culture
What is a factor that affects obe...,
What theory demonstrates how situ...,
What are the 3 situational factor...
18  cards
prejudice: social identity theory
Who created sit and what is it about,
What is the first stage of sit,
What is social categorisation
15  cards
prejudice: realistic conflict theory (RCT)
Who developed rct,
What did he suggest is is the key...,
What is the next component of his...
13  cards
Factors affecting prejudice: Individual differences
What are the 4 types of personali...,
How does authoritarian personalit...,
Who also discussed the authoritar...
15  cards
Factors affecting prejudice: Situation and culture
What are the 2 features included ...,
What are social norms and why are...,
How do social norms affect levels...
13  cards
Classic study: Sherif et al (1954/1961)
What was the aim of the robbers c...,
What what the robbers cave experi...,
What type of data was collected a...
17  cards
Contemporary study: Burger (2009)
What was the aim of burgers study,
What was the study and what did i...,
What was the procedure of the stu...
11  cards

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