social psychology as level

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The Social Approach
What is social psychology,
Social psychology assumes that wh...,
The social approach assumes that ...
7  cards
Milgram (1963)
The reason milgram carried out th...,
The aim of the experiment was,
How many participants were there
12  cards
Milgram's variations
Experiment 7 tested,
The level of obedience for expeir...,
In experiment 7 orders were given...
9  cards
Ethical Principals in Psychology
Informed consent,
Avoiding deception deception incl...,
Giving the right to withdraw
5  cards
Agency Theory
What is the autonomous state,
What is the agentic state,
What is moral strain
12  cards
Social Impact Theory - Latané 1981
Social forces
15  cards
Factors affecting obedience
Situational momentum of complianc...,
Situational proximity,
Situational status of authority
16  cards
Prejudice is,
Discrimination is,
The cognitive element is
5  cards
Social Identity Theory (Tajfel and Turner, (1979)
What is sit,
What is social categorisation,
What is social identification
19  cards
Realistic Conflict Theory
The greater the competition for s...,
Scarce resources include,
Conflict arises when
15  cards
Sherif et al (1954/61) Classic Study
How many participants and how old
28  cards
Factors Affecting Prejudice
Personality authoritarian persona...,
According to adorno et al how do ...,
Personality social dominance theo...
16  cards
Key Question - Why did the My Lai Massace occur?
When did it occur,
What happened in the mlm,
Why was it so horrific
18  cards
Burger (2009) - Contemporary Study
How much were participants paid
25  cards

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