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Between giga and kilo on the metr...,
Between deci and milli on the met...,
The order of the metric conversio...
22  cards
Properties of Sound Waves
What is a transverse wave,
What is a longitudinal wave,
What is compression
40  cards
Pulsed Waves
What is an ultrasound pulse,
What is pulse duration,
What is the equation for pulse du...
47  cards
Attenuation, Interaction of Sound and Media
How can you determine the log of ...,
Do decibels measure absolute or r...,
What does 3db indicate
57  cards
Transducers and Sound Beams
How are time of flight and depth ...,
What is the 13 microseconds rule,
How are prp and depth related
47  cards
Display Imaging, 2D, and Real Time Imaging
What is an array,
What makes a transducer linear,
What makes a transducer curved
42  cards
System Operations
What are the 6 main components of...,
What does the master synchronizer do,
What does the pulser do
80  cards
What is a doppler shift,
What is another word to describe ...,
What does a positive doppler shif...
76  cards
What is flow,
What is another term used to desc...,
How are flow and velocity different
32  cards
What are common causes of artifacts,
What are the six basic assumption...,
Are artifacts visible in all view...
69  cards
Harmonics and Contrast
What is the fundamental frequency,
What is the harmonic frequency,
What is second harmonic
14  cards
Bioeffects and Patient Care
What are the main principles of m...,
What does respect for autonomy mean,
What does nonmaleficence mean
49  cards
Quality Assurance
What is quality assurance,
What are quality assurance requir...,
What are the goals of quality ass...
19  cards

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