spring 2020 - physiology 1

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Respiratory Anatomy - Quiz 1
Anatomical structures of respirat...,
Structures of nose,
Functions of nose
89  cards
Cardiac Anatomy - Quiz 1
Functions of cardiovascular system,
Why is the heart considered two p...,
What parts of the heart cause uni...
32  cards
Mechanics of Respiration - Quiz 2
Goals of respiration,
Functions of respiration,
External respiration
77  cards
Electrical Activity of the Heart - Quiz 2
The oustide of the cell is ______...,
Is concentration of potassium hig...,
Is sodium concentration higher in...
43  cards
Pulmonary & Bronchial Circulation - Quiz 3
Factors that vary blood flow thro...,
The right ventricle ejection frac...,
Why is pulmonary pressure lower t...
94  cards
Cardiac Cycle & Control of Cardiac Output - Quiz 3
Ventricular systole,
Ventricular diastole,
Atrial contraction
40  cards
Physical Principles of Gas Exchange - Quiz 4
In what directions do gas move,
What is the mechanism and rate of...,
Basis of gas diffusion
42  cards
Hemodynamics and Hemodynamic Measurements - Quiz 4
How to measure flow,
In ohms law what 2 factors determ...,
What is bp
55  cards
Gas transport - Quiz 5
What is tissue oxygenation,
Distance of diffusion before it g...,
What are the types of hypoxia
52  cards
Arterial And Venous System + Body Fluid Compartments - Quiz 5
What tissues make up the wall of ...,
What are the 3 tissue layers in t...,
What are the arteriolle wall tissues
57  cards
Cardiac Function Curves + Pressure-Volume Loops - Quiz 6
What is the cardiac function curve,
How does contractility affect car...,
How does afterload affect cardiac...
29  cards
Regulation of Respiration - Quiz 6
How does neurogenic regulation work,
What are the major groups of neur...,
List neuron groups of vagus gloss...
58  cards
Microcirculation, Lymphatics, & Local Control of Blood Flow - Quiz 7
What is capillary filtration,
What is capillary reabsorption,
What are the starling forces rega...
38  cards
Pulmonary Function Tests - Quiz 7
What is the fev1 for high risk pa...,
What is the fev1 fvc for high ris...,
What is the vc for high risk adul...
53  cards
What does the ekg record,
What is the dominant pacemaker of...,
What is automaticity
61  cards
Pulmonary IntraOp Monitoring & Difficult Airway Algorithm - Quiz 8
How does a pulse ox work,
Spo2 and pao2,
What are the considerations
36  cards
Coronary Circulation - Quiz 9
What are the major coronary arteries,
What is the ramus intermedius,
Do the epicardial arteries contri...
35  cards
One Lung Ventilation & Malignant Hyperthermia - Quiz 9
When is one lung ventilation usua...,
What type of tubes do you use for...,
What is the most common positioni...
48  cards
Neurohumoral Control of the Heart & Circulation - Quiz 10
Which sympathetic nerve receptor ...,
Which sympathetic nerve receptor ...,
Which sympathetic nerve receptor ...
40  cards
Inhalation Agents & MAC - Quiz 10
The lower the mac the ______ pote...,
What is mac amnesia,
What is mac awake
52  cards
Shock & Exercise - Quiz 11
What is circlatory shock,
What is the last ditch stand,
What causes shock
39  cards
Lung Disease - Quiz 11
Which diseases are considered a p...,
What causes copd,
What are symptoms of copd
32  cards
Respiratory Final
Where is the larynx located in the,
Where is the larynx located at birth,
What is the larynx made of
152  cards
Valvular Heart Disease
What are the major factors that a...,
What kind of valvular lesions wou...,
What are the goals for regurtiant...
31  cards

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