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G.R. No. 191084 March 2010 (Mendoza v COMELEC and Pagdanganan)
What are the issues on this case 2,
Who was the petitioner,
Who were the respondents
9  cards
G.R. No. 82511 March 1992 (Globe-Mackay Cable And Radio Corporation v National Labor Relations Commission and Imelda Salazar
Who employed the private responde...,
Who is the petitioner,
Who was hired as manager for tech...
18  cards
G.R. No. 186400 October 2010 (Bolos v Bolos)
Who is the petitioner,
Who is the respondent,
What is the issue
11  cards
G.R. No. 206698 February 2014 (Villafuerte v COMELEC and Villafuerte)
Who is the petitioner of the case,
Who are the respondents of the case,
Fill in the blanks the petitioner...
13  cards
Definition of terms
Define certiorari,
Define en banc
2  cards
G.R. No. 186269 February 2012 (Spouses Pascual et. al. v Spouses Ballesteros)
Who are the petitioners of this case,
Who are the respondents of this case,
What was the case all about
15  cards
G.R. No. 180016 April 2014 (Corpuz v Philippines)
Who is the petitioner,
Who is the respondent,
What does the petitioner want
7  cards
G.R. No. 93833 September 1995 (Ramirez v Court of Appeals and Garcia)
Who filed the petition for this case,
Where did the petitioner file thi...,
What was the petition filed by so...
17  cards
G.R. No. 171101 July 2011 (Hacienda Luisita v Presidential Agrarian Reform Council)
Who is the petitioner,
Who are the petitioners in interv...,
Who are the respondents
50  cards
G.R. No. L-33140 October 1978 (JM Tuason and Co. v Mariano, et. al.)
Who is are the petitioner s,
Who is are the respondent s,
What is the case about
18  cards
G.R. No. L-14129 July 1962 (POP v Manantan)
Who is the petitioner,
Who is the defendant,
What did the defendant allegedly ...
9  cards
G.R. No. L-37251 August 1981 (City of Manila and City Treasurer v Judge Amador Gomez of the CFI of Manila and Esso Philippines, Inc.)
Who is the petitioner,
Who is the respondent,
How much tax is imposed by sectio...
14  cards
G.R. No. 88979 February 1992 (Lydia Chua v The Civil Service Commission, The National Irrigation Commission)
Who is the petitioner,
Who are the respondents,
What law is in consideration
12  cards
G.R. No. 96948 August 1991 (B/Gen. Jose Commendador, Et al v Gen. Renato De Villa, Et al)
Who is the petitioner,
Who is the respondent,
What is the petitioners problem
14  cards

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