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Module 1
Make of computer is what type of ...,
Is blood pressure qualitative or ...,
What type of variable is distance...
5  cards
Module 2
Central tendency is most closely ...,
The score point above and below w...,
In the series of scores 4 4 5 or ...
20  cards
Module 3
A measure of variability provides...,
If the lowest score is 51 and the...,
Eliminating some scores from a po...
26  cards
Module 4
The range of the theoretical norm...,
Which is not a property of the no...,
A z score in a given distribution...
39  cards
Module 6
A bivariate distribution is repre...,
Which of the following would be m...,
In the world of real data we are ...
41  cards
Module 7
In a problem where we are predict...,
The regression line for predictin...,
When the correlation is perfect e...
35  cards
Module 8
The fundamental condition that pe...,
Randomization and random sampling...,
In forming groups of volunteer su...
30  cards
Module 9
The region of rejection typically...,
If the sample mean is of the kind...,
The criterion by which a decision...
91  cards
Module 10
The test of the difference betwee...,
Two sample groups are treated dif...,
The hypothesis h a b bb h a bc h ...
44  cards
Module 11
How many pairwise comparisons are...,
One way anova can be considered a...,
In one way anova involving three ...
13  cards
Exam 2
Which statement is not true regar...,
The scale of the correlation coef...,
A fellow researcher tells you tha...
20  cards
Exam 1
What is the median of the followi...,
You have conducted a research stu...,
You have conducted a research stu...
18  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 1
A square symmetrical matrix each ...,
Organization of raw scores or dat...,
The collection of sample means fo...
38  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 2
A statistical technique that is u...,
Analysis of two variables to esta...,
A discrete variable with only two...
18  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 3
The statistical test of homosceda...,
Measured on a scale that changes ...,
The application of mathematical p...
19  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 4
Bartlett s test,
Between group variability,
Bonferroni test
27  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 5
An accompanying variable not cent...,
Iv used as the basis for the adju...,
In ancova an assumption that stat...
6  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 6
Multivariate counterpart of the t...,
The smaller the value of lambda t...,
Statistical procedures that invol...
6  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 7
25  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 8
Statistical technique that using ...,
Arrows in a path analysis diagram...,
The residual term in causal modeling
18  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 9
Procedure that tests the null hyp...,
Amoutn of variance in each variab...,
More advanced than explanatory fa...
17  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 10
8  cards
MUED 6440 Ch. 11
4  cards

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