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First Aid Cardio
Ccb best for a prevent cerebral v...,
Rf for thoracic aortic aneurysm,
Abcdes of drug induced prolonged qt
161  cards
First Aid Pics I
Differentiate direct vs indirect ...,
Splen what is contained in the re...
104  cards
First Aid Immunology/ Psychiatry
3 main features of wiskott aldric...,
Effect of c1 esterase deficiency,
Name two negative acute phase rea...
97  cards
First Aid Respiratory/ MSK
Emphysema a pathology b physical ...,
Name the term that describes max ...,
2 things diphenhydramine is indic...
110  cards
First Aid Endocrine
In addition to congenital cause n...,
Key feature to distinguish primar...,
What are the anterior vs posterio...
126  cards
First Aid: Behavioral Science/ Renal
What does a cross sectional test ...,
Is a cohort study prospective or ...,
Which of the 4 core ethical princ...
91  cards
First Aid: Biochem/Microbio
2 syndromes that can be caused by...,
Angelman syndrome a etiology b cl...,
Differentiate utility of karyotyp...
107  cards
First Aid GI, Heme/Onc
Name the pancreatic enzymes used ...,
What is virchow node a mc cause,
What is ileus a tx
113  cards
First Aid Pics II
What is sma syndrome,
Location of meissner vs auerbach ...,
Specific change seen in barretts ...
99  cards
Pathoma Ch 1-3
1. Growth Adaptations, Cellular Injury, Cell Death 2: Inflammation, Inflammatory D/o, Wound Healing 3. Principles of Neoplasia
136  cards
Pathoma Pics
Explain the sawtooth appearance o...,
Which cancer is associated w star...,
These are hepatocytes describe th...
141  cards
SketchyMicro: Bacteria
Bacteria -G+ Cocci (strep, staph, enterococcus) -G+ bacilli (bacillus, clostridium, listeria) -G+ filamentous rods (actinomyces, nocardia) -G- Diplococci (Neisseria
118  cards
Which type of signals work via a ...,
In a pt w cerebellar ataxia what ...,
Chronic alcoholic p w hepatomegal...
206  cards
Pathoma Ch 6, 10, 14, 18 (WBC, GI, Male GU, MSK)
6. WBC D/o 10. GI path 14. Male GU 18. MSK
147  cards
UWorld Pics
Name the 4 muscles of the rotator...,
Activity of op,
Differentiate type of virally acq...
59  cards
Sketchy Pharma
-Autoimmune Drugs -CV/renal drugs -Smooth muscle drugs
150  cards
Pathoma Ch 7, 8, 11, 15 (Vascular, Cardiac, Liver, Endo)
7. Vascular Path 8. Cardiac 11. Exocrine Pancreas, GB, Liver 15. Endocrine
165  cards
Pathoma Ch 4,5, 16, 17 (Hemostasis, RBC, Breast, CNS)
4. Hemostasis and Related D/o 5. RBC D/o 16. Breast 17. CNS
155  cards
Sketchy Pharma 2
-Gi and Endo drugs -Antimetabolites -Neuropsych drugs
148  cards
Sketchy Pics
Describe how cholesterol is trans...,
2 actions that make hdl the good ...,
Explain how nsaids reduce inflamm...
35  cards
First Aid Pharma
-mixed w/ Sketchy Pharm for: antipsychotics and antidepressants
92  cards
Pathoma Ch 9, 12 (Resp Tract, Renal/Urinary Tract)
-Resp Tract (ch9) -(ch19)
155  cards
Sketchy Pharma Antimicrobials
Mechanism of beta lactam abx,
Main indication for penicillin,
Other indications for penicillin ...
153  cards
UWorld 2
Part of brain responsible for a p...,
Part of brain responsible for a g...,
Part of brain that contains the m...
142  cards
SketchyMicro: Viruses
Piconavirus 3 main features,
3 main subgroups of piconaviruses,
Main manifestation of the three c...
143  cards
Pathoma Ch 13, 19 (Female GU and Repro, Skin)
What type of hypersensitivity rxn...,
Role of hormones in exacerbating ...,
Mechanism by which the following ...
83  cards
Sketchy Micro: Parasites and Fungi
Foul smelling dio after drinking ...,
Giardia a how to dx b tx,
Buzzword a anchovy paste b diarrh...
77  cards
First Aid: Repro
Effects on fetus of the following...,
Effects on fetus of the following...,
Maternal substance abuse associat...
79  cards
NBME/UWorld 3
Clinical presentation of hyper vs...,
Cvosteks sign,
Name of immunomodulatory used in ...
20  cards

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