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Musculoskeletal, Skin, and CT - First Aid
Tight junction aka zonula occludens,
Adherens junction aka zonula adhe...,
Cadherins are
286  cards
Cardiovascular - First Aid
The truncus arteriosus gives rise to,
The bulbus cordis gives rise to,
The primitive atria gives rise to
359  cards
Respiratory - First Aid
Large airways consist of,
Small airways consist of,
The conducting zone acts to
221  cards
Renal - First Aid
220  cards
Heme/Onc - First Aid
Erythrocyte features,
The membrane of erythrocytes cont...,
A reticulocyte is
309  cards
Psych - First Aid
Classical conditioning,
Classical conditioning usually de...,
Operant conditioning
308  cards
Microbiology Bacteria - First Aid
Function of peptidoglycan,
Composition of peptidoglycan,
Cell wall cell membrane gram posi...
357  cards
Microbiology Mycology - First Aid
Systemic mycoses can all cause,
All systemic mycoses are caused by,
Treatment for systemic mycoses
40  cards
Microbiology Parasitology - First Aid
Giardia lamblia disease,
Transmission of giardia lamblia,
Diagnosis of giardia
97  cards
Microbiology Virology - First Aid
149  cards
GI - First Aid
The foregut is the,
The midgut is the,
The hindgut is the
472  cards
Neuro - First Aid
The notochord induces,
The neural plate gives rise to,
The notochord becomes
597  cards
Reproductive - First Aid
Sonic hedgehog gene is produced a...,
Sonic hedgehog gene is involved in,
Mutation of the sonic hedgehog ge...
477  cards
Endocrine - First Aid
The thyroid diverticulum arises from,
The thyroid diverticulum is conne...,
The normal remnant of the thyrogl...
261  cards
Behavioral Science - First Aid
Cross sectional study observation...,
Measures of a cross sectional study,
Case control study observational ...
160  cards
Immunology - First Aid
Ln follicle is the site of,
In the outer cortex primary folli...,
Secondary follicles have
339  cards
Pathology - First Aid
Apoptosis requires,
Both the intrinsic and extrinsic ...,
Unlike necrosis apoptosis does no...
206  cards
Pharmacology - First Aid
Km is inversely related to,
Vmax is directly proportional to,
Most enzymatic reactions follow
268  cards
Micro Systems - First Aid
Dominant flora of the skin,
Dominant flora of the nose,
Dominant flora of the oropharynx
98  cards
Antimicrobials - First Aid
Penicillin g and v prototype beta...,
Penicillin g and v use,
Penicillin g v are bactericidal for
198  cards
Biochemistry - First Aid
Dna exists in the,
Negatively charged dna loops,
Histones are rich in
609  cards
Endocrine drugs
Lispro aspart glulisine action,
Clinical use of lispro aspart and...,
Use of inuslin regular
36  cards
GI drugs
H2 blockers 4,
H2 blockers mechanism
39  cards
Heme-Onc Drugs
Heparin mechanism,
Use of heparin
118  cards
MSS Drugs
Aspirin moa,
Decreased synthesis of txa2 and p...
33  cards
Reproductive Drugs
Leuprolide mechanism,
Clinical use of leuprolide,
Clinical use of estrogens ethinyl...
42  cards
Respiratory Drugs
1st gen h1 blockers,
Clinical uses of 1st gen h1 blockers,
Toxicity of h1 blockers
27  cards
Psych Drugs
Cns stimulants 4,
Mechanism of cns stimulants,
Clincial use of cns stimulants
62  cards
Neuro Drugs
Epinephrine is an,
Side effects of epinephrine,
Brimonidine is an
101  cards
Cardio Drugs
Primary htn can be treated with 4,
Treatment for htn w chf,
Beta blockers are contraindicated in
34  cards
Pharm Rxns
Coronary vasospasm can be caused by,
Cutaneous flushing can be caused by,
Dilated cardiomyopathy can be cau...
48  cards

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