step 2 ck: uworld questions

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Neurology U WORLD Questions
Incidence prevalence,
Drug for partial and grand mal se...,
Visual pathways
301  cards
Cardiology U WORLD Questions
Harsh crescendo decrescendo systo...,
Malaise sob dec appetite decresce...,
Multiple epidoses of syncope youn...
307  cards
GI U WORLD Questions
Infant with constipation and abdo...,
Physicians should routinely ask t...,
Collateral circulation from the _...
231  cards
Heme/Onc/Lymph U WORLD Questions
New ha intracranial mass biopsy a...,
Given several units of packed red...,
Exposure status determined then f...
216  cards
Pulmonary and Critical Care
Pleuritic chest pain arising from...,
Amniotic fluid lecithin phosphati...,
Probability of a child from two p...
186  cards
Medullary chromaffin cells are mo...,
__________ refers to a group of _...,
Thiazolidinediones such as _____ ...
175  cards
Dm complicated by neuropathy and ...,
________ bias occurs when investi...,
___________ and ____________ due ...
150  cards
Sports Injuries and Rheumatology
Colchicine used to treat _____inh...,
Young boy with fever and bone pai...,
Normal infant at birth progresses...
132  cards
Infectious Disease
During bacterial dna replication ...,
The key structural feature that e...,
Sexually active female with verru...
141  cards
Psychiatric/Behavioral & Substance Abuse
Not thinking about behavior modif...,
Recurrent episodes of binge eatin...,
_______ blocks the ________ recep...
98  cards
General Principles
Hox genes encode _________ that p...,
It takes _____ half life interval...,
_______ is the probability of not...
67  cards
The most common metastatic tumors...,
Sebaceous glands responsible for ...,
Young boy with severe photosensit...
61  cards
Female Reproduction
Patient with many previous first ...,
Ovarian cancer has three histolog...,
Prostaglandin e1 agonist progeste...
58  cards
Male Reproduction
3 day history painless penile ulc...,
The superficial and deep ________...,
Vasectomy involves transection of...
21  cards
If the rectus abdominis is transe...,
An _______ pregnancy is character...,
38 weeks of uncomplicated pregnan...
29  cards
Attack rate,
The ______ of test refers to its ...,
1 sd away from the mean 2 sd away...
40  cards
Social Sciences
Physicians should disclose medica...,
_________ is a quality improvemen...,
If there is reason to suspect abu...
39  cards
Allergy, Immunology, Poisoning
Child in impoverished neighborhoo...,
Hepatitis b virus does not have a...,
Skin rash photosensitivity arthra...
30  cards
Ear Nose and Throat
________ is a nonactpse fermentin...,
________ is characterized by tinn...,
The ______ nerve provides cutaneo...
12  cards
47 yr old male patient sob elevat...,
The ______ functions as the prima...,
First dose of drug is 240mg vd is...
26  cards

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