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jan 31
How to diagnose lactose intolerance,
Why does a position hydrogen brea...
12  cards
march 1
What is plan b,
How does the levonogorgestrel pla...,
A herald patch is associated with...
42  cards
feb 28
A newborn baby has abdominal dist...,
Why may a newborn wiht posterior ...,
Does a sacral dimple with an inta...
29  cards
feb 27
Presentation of a stroke in the p...,
Presentation of mccune albright s...,
Why do patients with mccune albri...
8  cards
feb 26
What investigation should be obta...,
Indciations for a voiding cystogr...,
Classic xray finding of nec
27  cards
thurs 25 feb
Which condition is associated wit...,
Treatment of fibromyalgia,
Treatment of polymyalgia rheumatica
46  cards
march 5
How do thiazides effect lithium,
What is the most common psychiatr...,
Acomprosate moa
12  cards
march 5
Where are the calcifications foun...,
Where are the calcifications foun...,
Management of baby with congenita...
42  cards
mar 6
Which is more anterior the trache...,
Lab findings of rocky mountain sp...,
How does rocky mountain spotted f...
30  cards
mar 7
How to investigate for urethral t...,
How does retrograde urethrography...,
Should you catheterize a potentia...
37  cards
mar 8
Do you screen for diabetes in ado...,
Do you screen for thyroid problem...,
Measles transmission
19  cards
mar 9
Does c perfringens cause watery o...,
Does rotavirus cause bloody diarrhea,
Does shigella cause bloody diarrhea
32  cards
mar 10
Finding on lateral xray that sugg...,
How do atropine drops effect the eye,
Do atropine drops help treat glau...
20  cards
mar 11
In what age group is it normal to...,
The sail sign is characteristic of,
Why is iv phenobarbital not used ...
19  cards
mar 12
Can you treat acute prostatitis w...,
How do you treat acute prostatitis,
Which occurs first in parkinsons ...
35  cards
mar 13
Who should be screened for lung c...,
How is lung cancer screening done,
Where is the most common location...
22  cards
mar 14
What is a common time of day for ...,
What are the dermatologic clinica...,
What are the renal clinical featu...
26  cards
march 30
Path of rhinitis medicamentosa,
Management of congenital diagphra...,
Presentation of pinealoma
25  cards
march 31
Nonpharmicological treatment of t...,
Medical management of tourettes,
Anti mitochondrial antibodies are...
61  cards
april 1
What does vacterl stand for,
A neonate has a tracheoesophageal...,
What is charge syndrome
35  cards
april 2
Complications of rsv in an infant,
Infants 2 months are at high risk...,
Prophylaxis of rsv for young babies
46  cards
Acute graft rejection will show w...,
Neck rigidity oculogyric crisis,
Is there more metamyelocytes or m...
29  cards
April 6
____ gait may occur in slipped ca...,
Choanal atresia presents with cya...,
How to diagnose choanal atresia
11  cards
april 10
Regarding rabies post exposure pr...,
Regarding rabies post exposure pr...,
Regarding rabies post exposure pr...
19  cards
april 11
Electric alterans is seen in whic...,
Treatment of acute asthma exacerb...,
Why do you give steroids to someo...
24  cards
april 12
Low magnesium results in excessiv...,
Intracellular magnesium in the ki...,
Long qt and sensorineural deafness
29  cards
april 13
Most common complication in a pat...,
What is hyposthenuria,
Is splenic infarction likely to o...
23  cards
april 15
Mila rubra,
Why are infants prone to milia rubra,
Treatment of a baby with milia rubra
31  cards
april 16
Characteristics of patellofemoral...,
Characteristics of illiotibial ba...,
Characteristics of pes anserine b...
37  cards
april 20
Clinical features of a hypermetab...,
Oliguria ____ ml of urine over 24...,
Management of a duodenal hematoma
45  cards
april 21
Topical systemic glucocorticoids ...,
Patients with steroid induced gla...,
What is acalculous cholecystitis
24  cards
What is the most common risk asso...,
Parenteral nutrition is given thr...,
Cholestasis is a common complicat...
41  cards
april 26
Immediate post op fever is usuall...,
Bloor smear in cmv infection typi...,
Rupture of a perianal abscess may...
37  cards
april 27
An infection in the retropharynge...,
Presentation of acute necrotizing...,
22  cards
april 28
Location of a thyroglossal duct cyst,
A thyroglossal duct cyst moves with,
A thyroglossal duct cyst often pr...
24  cards
april 29
A patient has suspected pancreati...,
Criteria for acute pancreatitis,
How do gouty tophi appear on imaging
19  cards
april 30
Why is resection of a colon tumou...,
Why is atelectasis a common post ...,
Post op atelectasis is common aft...
21  cards
May 5
Trousseau syndrome,
Trousseau syndrome is associated ...,
Path of migratory superficial thr...
23  cards
may 6
Which type of lung cancer most co...,
What paraneoplastic syndrome is s...,
Managment of venous air embolism
16  cards
AMBOSS practice exam
What immunodeficiency is associat...,
How do you diagnose beckers or du...,
Inheritance of beckers muscular d...
49  cards
may 11
All pregnant women should receive...,
Labour should be induced in women...,
Carboprost is contraindicated in ...
11  cards
may 12
Presentation of pityriasis rosea,
Treatment of pityriasis rosea,
Eczema herpeticum cause
28  cards
May 17
What mutation causes job syhndrome,
Path of job syndrome,
Presentation of job syndrome
3  cards
May 24
Sarcoidosis is associated with an...,
Patients with autoimmune gastriti...,
When does a pancreatic ductal inj...
12  cards
May 26
Is fever always present with vert...,
What is li fraumeni syndrome,
How does a pancreatic tumour at t...
18  cards
may 27
At what ph is the use of bicarbon...,
Which two cancers are associated ...,
What markers are elevated in chol...
26  cards
may 28
What is postcholecystectomy syndrome,
Common findings in a patient with...,
Investigation for a patient with ...
12  cards
May 29
First line treatment in symptomat...,
Should the patient be involved in...,
Presentation of vitamin c deficie...
14  cards
June 1
What is purulent pericarditis,
Management of suspected purulent ...,
What does persistent bloody ascit...
22  cards
june 2
Patients with right sided heart f...,
Testicular tumours are often firs...,
Do spermatoceles transilluminate
96  cards
june 3
Identifying the most common theme...,
Identifying all underlying reason...,
Where is vibrio vulnificus found
32  cards
june 4
Occlusion of the ___ leads to lat...,
Livedo reticularis and peripheral...,
Is bupivicaine a long acting or s...
38  cards
June 8
Can you use glucocorticoids to tr...,
Treatment of severe digoxin toxicity,
Treatment of mercury poisoning
36  cards
June 9
Management of catatonia,
Alcohol causes a ___ peripheral n...,
Presentation of alcohol neuropathy
42  cards
June 12
Tram track opacities in lungs,
Is granuloma inguile painful or p...,
Is chancroid painful or painless
3  cards
June 13
What type of heparin do you use i...,
A woman with cin ii ciniii wihtou...,
Whats the most common cancer in p...
30  cards
june 15
Pain that improves when a patient...
1  cards

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