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Methods of securing and maintaining the airway
Define normal respiration,
What are the two openings to the ...,
The epiglottis separates the orop...
19  cards
Allergic Rhinosinusitis, Nasal Polyps & Epistaxis
What is allergic rhinosinusitis,
What are the airborne triggers fo...,
How many turbinates are in the la...
23  cards
Congenital Disorders In The New Born And Childhood
The esophagus is bordered by 2 sp...,
Thalidomide is teratogenic true o...,
List some of the predisposing fac...
19  cards
Neoplasia In Children
What is neoplasm,
Briefly discuss the cell cycle,
Cancer is the leading cause of de...
19  cards
Surgical Problems Of Stomach And Duodenum
What are the four parts of the st...,
Discuss the blood supply to the s...,
What is the nerve supply to the s...
3  cards
What is a hernia,
All hernias are made up ofthe mou...,
Hernia could also be classified a...
46  cards
Benign Prostate Hyperplasia
What are the zones of the prostat...,
Which zone is most affected in pr...,
Which zone is most affected in be...
6  cards
Ear Infections An Overview
What are the common ear infection...,
What are the common ear infection...,
What is otitis externa
38  cards
Evaluation of Hoarseness and Stridor
What is hoarseness,
What are the functions of the larynx,
Discuss the aetiology of voice ho...
6  cards
Adenoidal Enlargement & Tonsilitis
What is the waldayer s ring and l...,
What is the greatest complication...,
At what age does adenoids start e...
23  cards
Audiology And Deafness
What is audiology,
Who is the father of audiology,
Define hearing loss
13  cards
Wound Management
What is a wound,
What are the phases of wound healing,
What is regenerative healing
32  cards
Ocular Examination
List the eye care management team...,
When taking history in ophthalmol...,
List the instruments for examinat...
11  cards
Recognition And Treatment Of Thoracic Emergencies
List some of the thoracic emergen...,
Why is rib fracture more common i...,
Which rings are most commonly fra...
13  cards
Errors Of Refraction
What is ametropia,
What is emmetropia,
What is the natural history of re...
21  cards
Gradual Loss Of Vision
List the causes of gradual loss o...,
What is cataract,
What is the classification of cat...
33  cards
The Red Eye
List the eyelid causes of red eye,
List the conjunctiva causes of re...,
What is the antidote for heparin ...
28  cards
Ocular Trauma
What is the classification of ocu...,
What is a closed globe injury,
What is an open globe injury
12  cards
Lesions of the eye lids
List the non malignant lesions of...,
List the malignant lid lesions,
What is a chalazion and what are ...
13  cards
Sudden Loss Of Vision
What is visual loss,
What is sudden visual loss,
What is amaurosis fugax
30  cards
Cortical Visual Impairment
What is the ventral stream,
What is the dorsal system
2  cards
Nutritional eye diseases -Vitamin A deficiency and other deficiencies
What are the ocular manifestation...,
What is the commonest cause of vi...,
List other causes of vitamin a de...
12  cards
Management Of Dysphagia
Briefly describe the anatomy of t...,
What are the 3 normal anatomic na...,
The angle between the lower esoph...
9  cards
What is anesthesia,
List the different anesthesia tec...,
What are the components of ga and...
18  cards
What are the two openings to the ...,
What separates the oropharynx fro...,
How many cartilages make up the l...
15  cards
What is consciousness,
What are the 3 components of cons...,
What is coma
17  cards
Circulatory Insufficiency
What is circulatory collapse,
What is a milder or preliminary f...,
Types of circulatory collapse
23  cards
Cardiac arrest is more common in ...,
List the risk factors for cardiac...,
What is cardiac arrest
18  cards
0  cards

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