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General surgery questions
Epigastric pain,
Central pain,
Right upper quadran
11  cards
PaSSMed: surgery
A 44 year old female presents wit...,
Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis...,
First line treatment for prolacti...
77  cards
Urology (1) (Haematuria and cancer)
Visible haematuria,
Of patients with visible haematur...
71  cards
Urology (2) (Cancer and stones)
Testis cancer,
The common places for testicular ...,
Rf for prostate cancer
52  cards
Urology (3) (infection)
Lower urinary tract infection,
Rf for uti,
Causes of bacterial uti
29  cards
Urology (4) (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms)
Luts can be split into,
Storage symptoms,
Voiding symptoms
53  cards
Urology (5) (Misc)
Presentation of bph,
Scoring system for luts
50  cards
General surgery (1) (The acute abdomen, common presentation and history)
Define the acute abdomen,
Initial assessment of the acute a...,
Presentations requiring urgent in...
60  cards
General surgery (2) (Common conditions)
Intestinal obstruction summary,
How can intestinal obstruction ca...,
3 main causes of intestinal obstr...
57  cards
General surgery (3) (Common conditions)
Acute pancreatitis vs chronic pan...,
Main causes of acute pancreatitis
51  cards
General surgery (4) (Common conditions)
Abdominal infections,
Common causes of intra abdominal ...,
Common antibiotic regimes for int...
51  cards
General surgery (5) (Common conditions)
Gi bleeds can be split up into,
Upper gi bleed key symptoms,
Upper gi bleed emergencies
63  cards
General surgery (6) (Hernias and nutrition)
Hernia history,
Hernia examination,
Dd for lump in inguinal region
49  cards
General surgery (7) (GI cancers)
Colorectal cancer bowel,
Aetiology of bowel cancer,
Bowel cancer dd
86  cards
Breast (1) (History and examination)
Breast lump history introduction,
Breast lump history presenting co...,
Breast lump history of presenting...
31  cards
Breast (2) (Benign conditions)
Benign breast conditions,
Lactational mastitis most common
59  cards
Breast (3) (Malignant conditions)
Carcinoma in situ,
Carcinoma in situ is seen as
49  cards
Vascular (1) (Common arterial conditions)
Arterial common conditions,
Abdominal aortic aneurysm,
Pathophysiology of aaa
68  cards
Vascular (2) (Common venous conditions)
Venous conditions,
Chronic venous insufficiency,
Causes of chronic venous insuffic...
50  cards
Vascular (3) (History taking and examination)
Vascular history taking pc,
Vascular history taking hpc,
Important questions to ask for pad
50  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics: Fracture
3 types of fracture,
Compound fracture,
Stable fracture
56  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (1): Foot and ankle
Bones of the foot,
Three arches of the fot,
Joints of the foot and ankle
68  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (2): The knee
Bony surfaces of the knee joint,
The distal femur anatomy,
Intercondylar area
52  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (2): The knee (II)
Anterior cruciate ligament acl,
Anterior cruciate ligament acl tear,
Anterior cruciate ligament acl te...
49  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (3): The hip
Name the bones which fuse to form...,
3 main articulations of the hip,
What type of joint is the hip
69  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (4): The shoulder
The scapula,
The clavicle,
Joints between the clavicle and s...
62  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (5): The elbow
Osteology of the humerus,
Elbow joint,
Joint capsule of elbow
36  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (6): The forearm
Forearm made up of the,
The ulnar,
Articulation of the ulnar
41  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (7): The hand
Osteology of the hand,
Carpal bones,
Metacarpal bones
46  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (7): The vertebral column
The vertebral column,
Function protect spinal cord with...,
Curves in the spine
33  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (7): General
Oa is characterised by,
Causes of oa,
Rf for oa
62  cards
Trauma and orthopaedics (7): Vertebral conditions
Lower back pain,
Disc prolapse,
60  cards
PaSSMed: trauma and orthopaedics
A 38 year old man is playing foot...,
A 34 year old woman is a passenge...,
A 28 year old professional footba...
6  cards
Two many categories of anaesthesia,
Triad of general anaesthesia,
Since general anaesthesia involve...
35  cards
Care of the surgical patient
Preoperative fastingfasting ensur...,
Stop eating,
Stop clear fluids
65  cards
Care of the surgical patient II
Early warning scores ews,
Which aprameters does news look at,
Reaction to ews
51  cards
Care of surgical patients III
Rf for vte,
Pathophysiology of vte
28  cards
Fluid prescribing
Stages of fluid prescribing,
When is fluid resus indicated,
Prescription for fluid resus
22  cards

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