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Lower GI Bleeding
What is lower gi bleeding,
What are the symptoms of lower gi...,
What are the signs of lower gi bl...
22  cards
What is ibd,
What are the two inflammatory bow...,
What is another name for crohn s ...
54  cards
What is the name of the liver cap...,
What is the bare area of the liver,
What is cantle s line
111  cards
Portal Hypertension
Describe the drainage of blood fr...,
Where does blood grain into from ...,
Where does the portal vein begin
50  cards
Biliary Tract
Which is the proximal and which i...,
What is the name of the node in c...,
What are the small ducts that dra...
132  cards
What structure is the tail of the...,
What are the 2 pancreatic ducts,
Which duct is the main duct
145  cards
What are the 4 boundaries of the ...,
What 4 nerves must a surgeon be a...,
Where is the long thoracic nerve
172  cards
Where is the drainage of the left...,
Where is the drainage of the righ...,
What is crh
159  cards
Upper GI Bleeding
What is upper gi bleeding,
What are the signs and symptoms o...,
Why is it possible to have hemato...
132  cards
What space lies behind the stomach,
What is the opening into the less...,
What are the folds of gastric muc...
92  cards
Bariatric Surgery and Ostomies
What is bariatric surgery,
What is morbid obesity,
What is the bmi
31  cards
Small Intestine
What comprises the small bowel,
How long is the duodenum,
What marks the end of the duodenu...
67  cards
What vessel provides blood supply...,
What is the mesentery of the appe...,
How can the appendix be located i...
66  cards
Carcinoid Tumors
What is a carcinoid tumor,
Why is a carcinoid tumor called c...,
How can you remember that kulchit...
39  cards
What is a fistula,
What are the predisposing factors...,
What is an enterocutaneous fistula
24  cards
Colon and Rectum
What are the white lines of toldt,
What parts of the gi tract do not...,
What are the major anatomic diffe...
151  cards
What is the most common carcinoma...,
What cell types are found in carc...,
What is the incidence of anal car...
78  cards
Thyroid Gland
What is the arterial blood supply...,
What is the venous drainage of th...,
What is the thyroid lobe appendag...
142  cards
Fluids and Electrolytes
What are the two major body fluid...,
What are the two sub compartments...,
What percentage of body weight is...
169  cards
How many parathyroid glands are t...,
What percentage of patients have ...,
What percentage of patients have ...
53  cards
Which arteries supply the spleen,
What is the venous drainage of th...,
What is said to tickle the spleen
46  cards
What percentage of patients with ...,
What diseases that cause htn are ...,
What is the formula for pressure
3  cards
Soft Tissue Sarcomas & Lymphomas
What are soft tissue sarcomas,
What does sarcoma mean in greek,
Are sarcomas more common in upper...
62  cards
Skin Lesions
What are the most common skin can...,
What is the most common fatal ski...,
What is malignant melanoma
26  cards
What is melanoma,
Which patients are at greatest ri...,
What are the most common sites fo...
52  cards
Vascular Surgery
What is atherosclerosis,
What is the common theory of how ...,
What are the risk factors for ath...
215  cards
Cardiovascular Surgery
What is ai,
What is as,
What is asd
211  cards
What is a cystogram,
What are ureteral stents,
What is a cystoscope
246  cards
Sutures and Stitches
What is a suture,
How are sutures sized,
What are the 2 most basic suture ...
42  cards
Surgical Knot Tying
What is the basic surgical knot,
What is the first knot that shoul...,
What is a surgeon s knot
13  cards
Procedures for the Surgical Ward and Clinic
How do you place a peripheral iv ...,
How do you draw blood from the fe...,
How do you remove staples
16  cards
If a patient has an old incision ...,
What is used to incise the epidermis,
What is used to incise the dermis
14  cards
Surgical Positions
What is the supine position,
What is the prone position,
What is the left lateral decubitu...
8  cards
Surgical Speak
What does ectomy mean,
What does orraphy mean,
What does otomy mean
5  cards
Preoperative 101
When can a patient eat prior to a...,
What risks should be discussed wi...,
If a patient is on antihypertensi...
13  cards
Surgical Operations You Should Know
What is a billroth i,
What is a billroth ii,
How can the difference between a ...
54  cards
What is primary wound closure,
What is secondary wound closure,
What is delayed primary closure
11  cards
Drains & Tubes
What is the purpose of drains,
What is a jp drain,
What are the 3 ss of jp drain rem...
53  cards
Surgical Anatomy Pearls
What is the drainage of the left ...,
What is the drainage of the right...,
What is gerota s fascia
39  cards
Blood & Blood Products
What is pt,
What is ptt,
What is inr
54  cards
Surgical Hemostasis
What motto is associated with sur...,
What is the most immediate method...,
What is the bovie
13  cards
Common Surgical Medications
Which antibiotics are commonly us...,
Which antibiotics are commonly us...,
Which antibiotic if taken with al...
89  cards
What is atelectasis,
What is the etiology of atelectasis,
What are the signs of atelectasis
169  cards
Common Causes of Ward Emergencies
What can cause hypotension,
How do you act in the setting of ...,
What are the common causes of pos...
10  cards
Surgical Respiratory Care
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is absorption atelectasis,
What is incentive spirometry
12  cards
Surgical Nutrition
What is the motto of surgical nut...,
What is the normal adult daily re...,
What is the normal adult daily re...
49  cards
What is shock,
What are the 5 different types of...,
What are the signs of shock
49  cards
Surgical Infection
What are the classic signs and sy...,
What is bacteremia,
What is sirs
107  cards
What is postoperative fever,
What are the 5 classic ws of post...,
What is the classic timing of pos...
15  cards
Surgical Prophylaxis
What medications provide protecti...,
What measures provide protection ...,
What treatments provide protectio...
17  cards
Surgical Radiology
What defines a technically adequa...,
How should a cxr be read,
What cxr is better pa or ap
46  cards
What is anesthesia,
What is local anesthesia,
What is epidural anesthesia
55  cards
Surgical Ulcers
What is a peptic ulcer,
What is a curling s ulcer,
What is a cushing s ulcer
10  cards
Surgical Oncology
What is surgical oncology,
What is xrt,
What does in situ mean
18  cards
Pediatric Surgery
What is the motto of pediatric su...,
What is a simple way to distract ...,
What is the estimated blood volum...
460  cards
GI Hormones & Physiology
What do gastric parietal cells pr...,
What do chief cells produce,
What do g cells produce
43  cards
Acute Abdomen & Referred Pain
What is an acute abdomen,
What are peritoneal signs,
What is rebound tenderness
55  cards
What is a hernia,
What is the incidence of hernia,
What are the precipitating factor...
106  cards
What is laparoscopy,
What gas is used in laparoscopy a...,
Which operations are performed wi...
21  cards
What widely accepted protocol doe...,
What are the 3 main elements of t...,
According to atls protocol how an...
160  cards
What is tbsa,
What is stsg,
Are acid or alkali chemical burns...
67  cards
Plastic Surgery
What is blepharoplasty,
What is a face lift,
What are langer s lines
44  cards
Hand Surgery
Who operates on hands,
What are the bones of the hand,
What is the distal finger joint
43  cards
Head & Neck Surgery
What is anosmia,
What is otorrhea,
What is dysphagia
325  cards
Thoracic Surgery
What is vats,
What is thoracic outlet syndrome,
What are the causes of thoracic o...
235  cards
Transplant Surgery
What is an autograft,
What is an isograft,
What is an allograft
153  cards
Orthopedic Surgery
What is orif,
What is rom,
What is from
252  cards
What is the incidence of head trauma,
What percentage of trauma deaths ...,
What is the glasgow coma scale
195  cards

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