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Boldface and Ops Limits
Engine failure fire warning durin...,
Tire failure during takeoff takeo...
88  cards
87th FTS Standards
Mass brief start time,
Release for daily missions time,
3  cards
T-38 Systems
When does the left right generato...,
What is on the left gen ac bus,
Components that require 3 phase p...
90  cards
T-38 Pitch & Power
300 kias 2800,
300 kias 2800 departure climb 300...,
300 kias 2800 level flight
47  cards
T-38 Callouts 87th FTS Standards
Before exterior inspectionfcp,
Before exterior inspectionrcp,
Interior inspectionfcp 1st callout
44  cards
T-38 Callouts 87th FTS Standards FCP Only
Before exterior inspectionfcp,
Interior inspectionfcp 1st callout,
Interior inspectionfcp 2nd callout
24  cards
What Electrical Bus?
Aoa vane heater,
Console lights,
Left fuel boost pump
76  cards
Q5190 Ground Eval Guide
Minimum acceleration check speed ...,
Macs is computed to allow,
Macs is computed by
276  cards
What are the 7 factors that affec...,
Increasing temperature does what ...,
Increasing temperature does what ...
44  cards
Engine failure fire warning durin...,
Tire failure during takeoff takeo...
28  cards
Aero/AHC/Instrument maneuvers
Lazy 8,
Barrel roll,
17  cards
Formation Checkride
Formation takeoff restrictions,
What is the max number of aircraf...,
What is the minimum spacing betwe...
43  cards
Formation Standards
Flight check in time,
Altitude warning for form,
3  cards

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