teas human anatomy and physiology

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General Bio
What is the membrane of the cell ...,
Where are transport holes found,
Every cell contains what 3 things
40  cards
Tissues/Organs/Terms of Direction
What are the 7 types of tissue,
Epithelial tissue ex,
Connective tissue
17  cards
Respiratory System
What does the upper respiratory s...,
What does the lower respiratory s...,
What does the airway include
17  cards
Cardiac System
What is the circulatory system re...,
What are the 3 parts of the circu...,
What is blood composed of
47  cards
Lymphatic System
What is the main function,
The lymphatic system is made up o...,
What 3 things does the lymph vasc...
12  cards
Gastrointestinal System
Digestion begins in the ____ and ...,
What are the 3 main functions of ...
39  cards
Nervous System
How is the nervous system organized,
Action potential,
Chemical synapse
45  cards
Muscular System
What are the 3 types of muscle ti...,
What 3 properties do all muscles ...,
Is skeletal muscle voluntary invo...
11  cards
Reproductive System
What is the function of the male ...,
What does the external structure ...,
The penis contains the _____
31  cards
Integumentary System
Stratum basale,
Most epidermal cells are ____
29  cards
Urinary System
What does the urinary system cons...,
Where are the kidneys located wha...,
Renal cortex
13  cards
Immune System
What is the function of the immun...,
The immune system includes what 3...,
Describe how pathogens are filter...
35  cards
Skeletal System
How many bones do we have,
The skeletal system is divided into,
Axial skeleton
37  cards
Last Min Info!
Anabolic rxn,
Catabolic rxns,
45  cards
F to c formula,
C to f formula,
Hows should temperature be docume...
18  cards

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teas human anatomy and physiology

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