technical interview questions for full stack software engineers

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React.js and the virtual DOM vs real DOM
What is the the virtual dom and h...,
What s the problem with frequentl...,
What makes dom manipulation slow
11  cards
HTTP Basics
What does http stand for,
What is http,
How many types of headers did the...
22  cards
DNS Basics
What is dns,
All devices computers etc that ar...,
Though ip addresses are great at
23  cards
JavaScript Event Loop
What is the javascript event loop,
What is the call stack,
Javascript is single threaded wha...
7  cards
Binary Tree
Define a binary tree,
How is a binary heap usually impl...,
What is a binary heap
4  cards
Linked Lists
Define linked list,
Name advantages of linked lists,
What is a cycle loop in the singl...
8  cards
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
What is inheritance,
What object oriented programming,
What is polymorphism
13  cards
What is nodejs,
What are the types of api functio...,
What is npm
17  cards
Skillstorm Intro to Coding - SQL and MySQL
What is normalization in databases,
What are the requirements for a r...,
What are the requirements for a r...
56  cards
Skillstorm Intro to Coding - Data Structures in Java
In java every object has two comp...,
The equals and hashcode methods m...,
Equals method
105  cards
SkillStorm Interview Prep
Arraylen myarray________ gets length,
Arraylist get,
Get get item at index 3x
52  cards
Skillstorm Intro to Coding - OOP & Java Fundamentals
What are classes in java,
What are a few examples of classes,
What are the members of a class i...
97  cards
Skillstorm Intro to Coding - Programming in Java
As the most basic of all the cont...,
In the applybrakes method what ha...,
How is the if then else statement...
65  cards

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technical interview questions for full stack software engineers

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