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NEM Chapter 541, Fuel System, Cutters and Boats & NEM Chapter 542, Fuel System, Shipboard Aviation
Prior to taking on or transferrin...,
___ shall be conducted before acc...,
Which fuel should cutters and boa...
147  cards
NSTM Chapter 541, Ship Fuel and Fuel Systems
F 76 was previously known as ___,
The only aviation jet fuel author...,
Handles ship fuel from the time i...
560  cards
NSTM Chapter 533, Potable Water Systems
Fresh water is not potable unless...,
The only approved method for disi...,
Water that is suitable for human ...
198  cards
NEM Chapter 530, Potable Water Systems
The ____ has proven to be the mos...,
Cg cutters equipped with evaporat...,
Two authorized feedwater treatmen...
18  cards
Manual of Preventive Medicine, Chapter 6, Water Supply Afloat
___ is responsible for the chlori...,
___ shall ensure minimum halogen ...,
Responsible for collection of sam...
119  cards
29 CFR 1910.147
Hot tap operations involving tran...,
29 cfr 1910147 requires employers...,
An employee whose job requires th...
10  cards
COMDTPUB P6280.3, Management Guide for Refrigerants, Coolants and Fire Suppressants
Defined and established us requir...,
The caa established the naaqs for...
88  cards
NEM Chapter 516, Refrigeration System Requirements
Ship s service air condition unit...,
New ship s a c units shall use re...,
Existing r 12 ship s service a c ...
23  cards
NSTM Chapter 562, Surface Ship Steering Systems
The use of the steering gear whil...,
On some ships the astern speed ma...,
Steering control equipment that a...
66  cards
NSTM Chapter 300, Electric Plant - General
For repair activity work conducte...,
For naval applications voltages g...,
The resistance of a human body is...
143  cards
NSTM Chapter 243, Propulsion Shafting
The primary purpose of propulsion...,
Sections of shafting outside the ...,
Sections of shafting inside the s...
25  cards
NSTM Chapter 573, Booms
Boom loads shall never be suspend...,
Any load within 10 percent of the...
39  cards
NSTM Chapter 313, Portable Storage and Dry Batteries
Rechargeable batteries,
Non rechargeable batteries,
Two type of rechargeable batteries
104  cards
NEM Chapter 044, Machinery Space Watch Requirements
Who is responsible for developing...,
All cutter and boat operating mac...,
Cutters equipped with video and e...
6  cards
NEM Chapter 074, Welding
All critical welds must be welded...,
All critical welds must be inspec...,
Critical welds are ___
11  cards
NEM Chapter 076, Reliability & Maintainability
Changes to equipment or systems t...,
The percent of time that a system...
33  cards
NEM Chapter 077, Safety
All walk in reefer boxes lockers ...,
All reefer spaces shall be outfit...,
The alarm system for walk in reef...
48  cards
NEM Chapter 079, Stability & Damage Control
Two areas of concern in stability,
Stability information to be prepa...,
Provides information and data abo...
16  cards
NEM Chapter 080, Integrated Logistics Support Requirements
Collection of support requirement...,
Establishes policy procedures and...
8  cards
NEM Chapter 081, Maintenance of Cutters & Boats
0  cards
NEM Chapter 083, Supply Support
0  cards
NEM Chapter 085, CG Naval Engineering Drawings
0  cards
NEM Chapter 086, Technical Publications
0  cards
NEM Chapter 088, Personnel
0  cards
NEM Chapter 090, Inspections, Records, Reports, and Tests
0  cards
NEM Chapter 091, Surveys of Cutters and Boats
0  cards
NEM Chapter 094, Full Power Trials
Periodic test of a cutters propul...,
Report of cutters full power tria...,
A cutter will forward a satisfact...
5  cards
NEM Chapter 097, Stability Tests
0  cards
NEM Chapter 110, Boat Structure
Damaged sections of reinforced pl...,
Detailed guidance on aluminum rep...,
Specific requirements for conduct...
4  cards
NEM Chapter 233, ICE
Cooling system should be clean so...,
Make up water must be checked for...,
Make up water max conductivity
44  cards

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