the entrepreneurial mind (coverage-based)

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(P) Chapter 1. Entrepreneurship: Evolutionary Development -- Revolutionary Impact
Small business owners sbo or entr...,
Small business owners or entrepre...,
Small business owners sbo or entr...
59  cards
(P) Chapter 2. The Entrepreneurial Mind-set in Individuals: Cognition and Ethics
Term that comes from the word cog...,
What does the latin cognoscere means,
Refers to a faculty for the proce...
73  cards
(P) Chapter 5. Innovation: The Creative Pursuit of Ideas
Sources of innovative ideassignal...,
Sources of innovative ideas unpla...,
Sources of innovative ideas gap b...
45  cards
(M) Chapter 3: The Entrepreneurial Mind-Set in Organizations
An enterprise organization busine...,
Type of businesses a business tha...,
Type of businesses a business tha...
99  cards
(M) Chapter 11: Financial Preparation for Entrepreneurial Ventures
Used for safekeeping personal cas...,
Instrument for banks to acquire b...,
What are the types of bank accounts
47  cards
(M) Chapter 4: Social Entrepreneurship
Two concepts under ecopreneurship,
Refers to environmental entrepren...,
Ecopreneurship key steps seek new...
21  cards
(F) Chapter 4: Ways of Going International
Buying and shipping foreign produ...,
What ways of going international ...,
Fill in the blank exporting incre...
26  cards
(F) Chapter 4: Researching Foreign Markets
# ************,
Conducted to identify important p...,
Customers in the foreign country ...
18  cards
(F) Chapter 8: Debt Financing
Involves a payback of funds plus ...,
Raising capital for a venture by ...,
Two types of debt financing
44  cards
(F) Chapter 8: Equity Financing (1st set)
Refers to the ff investments with...,
T or f equity financing is relati...,
What are the 3 common instruments...
41  cards
(F) Chapter 8: Equity Financing (2nd set)
Who provide capital for start up ...,
Another source of financing where...,
T or f as partial owners of the c...
36  cards
(F) Chapter 7: Creating New Ventures
Refers to the creation of new pro...,
Refers to the creation of new pro...,
Refers to the creation of new pro...
29  cards
(F) Chapter 7: Acquiring Existing Ventures
This means choosing to purchase o...,
Enumerate where one can find oppo...,
Where to find opportunitiesprofes...
53  cards
(F) Chapter 7: Franchising
An arrangement in which the owner...,
27  cards

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the entrepreneurial mind (coverage-based)

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