therapeutics 3 - spring 2018

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Exam 1 - Wendt (Ischemia)
Angina pain occurs when there is ...,
What things my lead to decrease c...,
What things may lead to increased...
99  cards
Exam 1 - Sowinski (Ischemia)
Typical clinical presentation for...,
What typically precipitates stabl...,
What typically relieves sihd
72  cards
Review Material
0  cards
Heart Formulary
Brand generic amlodipine,
Brand generic norvasc,
Brand generic atenolol
92  cards
Exam 2 - Tisdale (arrhythmia)
What is a normal qt interval,
What is a normal qtc in men,
What is a normal qtc in women
129  cards
Exam 2 - Wendt (Arrhythmia/CHF)
_______ cells have automaticity,
Pacemaker cells have what ion dep...,
Ventricular myocytes have what io...
109  cards
Exam 2 - Sowinski (CHF)
2 types of chf,
Definition of hfref,
Definition of hfpef
176  cards
Exam 3 - Rochet (CNS/MS Drugs)
3 main parts of brain,
Main parts of hindbrain,
Main parts of midbrain
187  cards
Exam 3 - Ott (MS)
Route of admin interferon b1a avonex,
Route of admin interferon b1a rebif,
Route of admin interferon b1b bet...
88  cards
Exam 3 - Rochet/Campbell (Parkinsons/Alzheimer's)
Parkinsons disease pd it is progr...,
Parkinsons disease symptoms,
Parkinsons disease pd is characte...
110  cards
Exam 3 - Rochet/Ott (Seizures)
3 main ways to classify seizures,
How to classify focal onset seizures,
Common reason for causes of focal...
165  cards
Exam 3 - Schizophrenia (Watts/Ott)
What are the positive symptoms,
What are the negative symptoms,
Cognitive symptoms involve ______...
115  cards
Anticonvulsant CYP
Which anticonvulsants are 3a4 sub...,
Which anticonvulsants are 2c9 sub...,
Which anticonvulsants are 2c19 su...
7  cards
Exam 4 - Depression/Bipolar (Watts/Butterfield/Ott)
3 major types of depression,
Clinical features of depression p...,
Clinical features of depression p...
163  cards
Exam 4 - Sedative/Hypnotics/Anxiety (Watts/Ott)
Definition of sedative,
Definition of hypnotic,
Definition of anxiolytic
128  cards
ADHD/Peds Psych
What disorder has both multiple m...,
What disorder has single or multi...,
What tic disorders have to be pre...
66  cards
Final- Van Rijn Learning Objectives
Pain transmission pathway ascendi...,
Pain transmission pathway descend...,
What receptors are involved in pa...
331  cards
Final - Issacs
Question to asks pts in pain,
What are the physiological change...,
Wong baker pain scale is describe...
58  cards
Final - Vanrign Pt 2
2 main pathways of action for coc...,
What drugs can be used for narcol...,
Which stimulant inhibits both dat...
53  cards
Final - Ott
Alcohol withdrawal time of onsets...,
Alcohol withdrawal time of onsets...,
Alcohol withdrawal time of onsets...
45  cards

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