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What is the force exerted by prot...,
What is the charge for protons el...,
What are the four distinct states...
56  cards
Laser Shaft Allignment
What is dynamic interruption,
How does the control unit express...,
What can cause inaccuracy in lasers
5  cards
What must be in every hydraulic s...,
What are some advantages of hydra...,
What are some disadvantages of
116  cards
Screw Compressors/lobe blowers/liquid ring
How is this compressor typically ...,
What are some advantages of the s...,
How was the delivery of air super...
76  cards
Hydraulics Part 2 pumps and actuators
Describe a dynamic pump,
Why must hydraulics use positive ...,
What are the three types of posit...
115  cards
Dynamic Compressors/fans
How does a centrifugal compressor...,
Describe a single stage centrifug...,
What is used to increase the effi...
135  cards
What components does a typical pn...,
Where should the air intake be lo...,
What is the air receivers purpose
62  cards
Gas And Air Dryers
What is the term used to describe...,
What is relative humidity,
What is dew point
83  cards
Leveling and Bore Alignment
Define flat,
Define plumb,
Define level
49  cards
Heat Exchanger
Describe a gas to gas heat exchanger,
Why does water have the ability t...,
Describe a liquid to gas heat exc...
83  cards
What is another application for i...,
What three ways can heat be trans...,
What are some purposes of insulation
87  cards
Industrial Controls/PLC
What is the difference between co...,
What are the decision making devi...,
What are some examples of electri...
37  cards

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