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Chapter 5-Infection Control
In 2012 along with representative...,
The ___1_____ in 1983 have worker...,
What does osha stand for
89  cards
Chapter 11-Properties of the Hair & Scalp
Scientific study of hair and its ...,
The hair skin nails and glass are...,
The _______ is the pat of the hai...
80  cards
Chapter 12- Basics of Chemistry
Organic chemistry,
All hair color products chemical ...,
The word ______ as applied to che...
43  cards
Chapter 15- Scalp Care, Shampooing and Conditioning
One of the most important experie...,
Shampooing encompasses three diff...,
Two basic requirements for a heal...
59  cards
Chapter 14- Principles of Hair Design
Inspiration can come from where,
5 basic elements of hair design,
Lines create the ______ _________...
51  cards
Chapter 16- Haircutting
Reference points,
These points are used to establis...,
Finding ________ within the desig...
82  cards
Chapter 21- Haircoloring
Clients who have their hair color...,
The structure of the clients hair...,
Middle layer of the hair that giv...
75  cards
Tigi Terminology
The lowest point and foundation t...,
Follows the natural hairline arou...,
Anything within the perimeter lin...
31  cards
Chapter 20- Chemical Texture Services
What gives you the ability to per...,
Without a through understanding o...,
Thought exterior layer of the hai...
89  cards
Chapter 17- Hairstyling
What is a hairdresser,
Process of shaping and directing ...,
Was all the rage in 1920s and 193...
73  cards
Chapter 19- Wigs and Hair Additions
In the 18th century men men wore ...,
The market related for products a...,
Hair that burns slowly giving off...
35  cards
Chapter 18- Braiding and Braid Extensions
Historically the first highly dec...,
As early as 3000 bc _______women ...,
These salons practice what is com...
44  cards
Chapter 7- Skin Structure, Growth & Nutrition
Medical branch of science that de...,
Dermatologist attend ____ years o...,
Largest organ of the body
40  cards
Color Test
3 primary colors,
3 secondary color,
What colors make brown
22  cards
Code Test
46  cards

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