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Cell biology Theme 1
All cells need to,
The main 2 types of cells are,
The 2 distinct features of eukary...
185  cards
Cell biology Theme 2
Why do cells need to communicate,
What is the generic cell signal p...,
Examples of cell signals
152  cards
Cell biology theme 3
What is the most basic function o...,
Besides dna what else duplicates,
What are the 4 phases of the cell...
234  cards
Cell biology theme 4
What is the genome,
How much of the human genome code...,
How long is the human genome
65  cards
Cell Physiology
What ia a molar solution,
What are nanolitres,
What are microlitres
382  cards
Anatomy theme 1
What is fascia,
What are the functions of fascia,
Where does superficial cervical f...
131  cards
Anatomy theme 2
How many vertebrae does the neck ...,
What is the structure of the hyoi...,
What are the typical features of ...
132  cards
What is metabolism,
How do enzymes catalyse reactions...,
What happens during catabolic rea...
196  cards
Anatomy theme 3
Where does the facial nerve leave...,
Where does the facial nerve go af...,
What are the 5 branches of the fa...
103  cards
Blood makes up what compsotion of...,
What are are the 2 componenents o...,
What is the difference between is...
380  cards
What is a hormone,
What are hormones secreted by,
What are peptide hormones
200  cards
Introduction to dentistry
What is the crown covered in,
What is the root covered in,
Where do the crown and root join
334  cards
Anatomy theme 4
What is the superior border of th...,
What is the medial border of the ...,
What is the lateral border of the...
138  cards
Anatomy theme 5
What does the mental foramen tran...,
Where does the mylohyoid groove r...,
What does the mylohyoid line divi...
118  cards
Skull foramina and cranial nerves
What are the first 3 cranial nerv...,
Which bone contains the optic canal,
What does the optic canal transmit
33  cards
Cardiovascular System
Main function and structure of re...,
Main function and structure of ar...,
Main function and structure of ca...
320  cards
Anatomy theme 6
What are the 4 layers of the phar...,
What is the areolar coat,
What is the muscular coat
122  cards
Anatomy theme 7
What are the stages of animal dev...,
What is gametogenesis,
What is fertilisation
95  cards
Respiratory System
To stay awake
356  cards
What are the basic divisions of t...,
What can the cns be divided into,
What can the pns be divided into
826  cards
Gastrointestinal Tract
Where do the fleshy fibres of the...,
What type of muscle is the diaphragm,
What are the 2 recesses of the di...
684  cards
Anatomy theme 8
What does the external ear consis...,
What does the middle ear consist of,
What is the epitympanic recess
200  cards
Laryngeal muscles and membranes, Muscles of the soft palate and the pharynx
What are the attachments of super...,
What are the attachments of middl...,
What are the attachmenets of thyr...
52  cards
Cell bio test corrections
What is the role of type i collagen,
What is the role of type ii collagen,
What is the role of type iii coll...
89  cards
Anatomy quiz corrections
Which dural venous sinus is found...,
What is the nerve supplying the c...,
What is the innervation of the mu...
75  cards
New Neurobiology
Which of the rf pathways go into ...,
How can you tell the difference b...,
What is the nuclei and the role o...
207  cards
New GI
What is the lamina propia,
What is serosa,
Which salivary gland has the fast...
53  cards
New anatomy
What is the motor innervation of ...,
What is the function of tonsils,
What provides sensory innervation...
39  cards
What are examples of cardiac glyc...,
What are cardiac glycosides,
What are cardiac glycosides used for
27  cards
New RS
What are the main functions of th...,
How do you calculate surface tension,
As a percentage of vital capcity ...
68  cards
New Cell physio
What is a molar solution,
What is a molal solution,
What are the constituents of the ecf
25  cards
New Endo
How are peptide hormones released,
What are steroid hormones synthes...,
What are biogenic amines derived ...
22  cards
infection control
What are important sites in orofa...,
What are the routes of infection ...,
Which spaces can infection can de...
29  cards
Relationship of the parotid gland
What is deep to the parotid gland,
What is anteromedial to the parot...,
What is intermediate to the parot...
4  cards
Lymph nodes
What do the submandibular nodes d...,
What do the submental nodes drain...,
What do the occipital nodes drain...
5  cards
What is the enzyme deficient in f...,
What is the action of hepatic fru...,
What is the enzyme missing in her...
59  cards
Tooth eruption dates
Primary incisors,
1st primary molar,
2nd primary molar
26  cards
Basic periodontal examination
How do you carry out a basic peri...,
What is code 0,
What is code 1
6  cards
Bones and Foramena
What bone is the superior orbital...,
What bone is the inferior orbital...,
What bone is the optic canal in
24  cards

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