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What are the effects of the sound...,
What are the effects of the mediu...,
What is the type of wave that car...
94  cards
A property of certain materials t...,
___________ is any device that co...,
Pzt ceramic active element and cr...
38  cards
Range Equation
In soft tissue every 13 s of go r...,
What is the time needed for a pul...,
If the time of flight is 26 s how...
7  cards
Sound Beams
What is the location where the be...,
What types of beams create better...,
What is the distance from the tra...
21  cards
Axial And Lateral Resolution
Name the synonyms for axial resol...,
The ability to distinguish two st...,
Does a shorter or longer pulse pr...
11  cards
Two Dimensional Imaging
This transducer contains one disc...,
Creates beam steering,
Creates beam transmit focusing
7  cards
Contrast, Spatial, And Temporel Resolution
Visualizing detail in an image,
Visualizing a variety of gray sha...,
Few gray shades in an image is in...
18  cards
Pulse Echo Instrumentation
Converts electrical into acoustic...,
Communicates with all of the indi...,
The component that controls the e...
17  cards
Many shades of gray multiple leve...,
Two choices black or white on or ...,
This converts the image into numb...
16  cards
The difference between received a...,
A change or variation in the freq...,
What does a positive doppler shif...
41  cards
Venous respiration low rate lower...,
Arterial cardiac contraction high...,
Describes flow or velocity volume...
26  cards
Image Processing And Dynamic Range
Grainy or granular appearance in ...,
This helps to improve images by f...,
Creating an image by averaging im...
13  cards
Image Characteristics And Artifacts
Portions of an image that are not...,
Portions of an image that are bri...,
Describes structures with equal e...
24  cards
A small needle with the piezoelec...,
A transducer which turns acoustic...,
A small device in bedded in absor...
14  cards
Pulsed Sound
What is a collection of cycles th...,
What type of pulses are used to c...,
What are the two components of pu...
31  cards
What is the equation for intensity,
What is intensity,
What is peak
22  cards
Interaction Of Sound And Media
What results in increased attenua...,
The decrease in intensity power a...,
What results in less attenuation
64  cards

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