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UWorld - Med/Pulm-CC
What are the features of acute br...,
What is the indication for emerge...,
What is the first step that shoul...
38  cards
NMS - Casebook
What should blood glucose be in t...,
What type of patient may not be a...,
Which five factors predict risk f...
133  cards
Psych - Case Files, UW, etc.
What is the risk of recurrence of...,
What are the major side effects o...,
What is retinitis pigmentosa and ...
102  cards
BRS - Peds
What are causes pf acquired micro...,
What are the causes of congenital...,
Which children are at risk for le...
90  cards
UW - Pediatrics
What are the main clinical featur...,
What dysfunction is seen in cereb...,
What effects may iv mg sulfate ha...
121  cards
Swanson - Primary Care
What is likelihood ratio of a pos...,
What is length time bias,
How should individuals who smoke ...
100  cards
Ob/Gyn Blueprints & ACOG
What should all patients with ble...,
What is terbutaline,
What are non reassuring fetal sig...
51  cards
Ob/Gyn - UWorld
What should be avoided in patient...,
What is the cause of post epidura...,
How can you diagnose ovarian torsion
78  cards
What sort of lesion does pronator...,
What major functions is the parie...,
What cranial nerve is primarily a...
124  cards
UW - Med/Renal
What is membranous nephropathy an...,
What is focal segmental glomerulo...,
What symptoms are characteristics...
87  cards
UW - Med/Endocrine
What results from elevated gh in ...,
What should be measured when ther...,
What is neuroleptic maligant synd...
58  cards
UW - Med/CV
What does signs of chf in a young...,
What is a major thrombotic compli...,
What is the best treatment to rev...
78  cards
UW - Med/GI
What are cannonball metastases in...,
Where does prostate cancer usuall...,
How would a patient w colon cance...
58  cards
UW - Med/ID
What is chikungunya fever,
How do you differentiate rubella ...,
What clinical features are consis...
48  cards
UW - Med/HemeOnc
What are the signs of acute and c...,
What are the clinical features as...,
What hematological problem is ass...
40  cards
UW - Med/Misc
What does hazard ratio measure,
What is the best treatment to rev...,
What factor is most important in ...
72  cards
Mixed final study
What drug can you use if inr is s...,
What are the features of zinc def...,
What endocrine abnormality is ass...
35  cards
UW - Surgery
What is acute mediastinitis and h...,
What is the treatment for a patie...,
What are common causes of gastric...
61  cards
Pestana - Surgery
Indications for intubation in tra...,
Reasons for trauma patient to be ...,
How do you differentiate hemorrha...
237  cards
Swanson - Primary Care 2
What is the most important initia...,
What is the benefit of tight glyc...,
What is the appropriate rate of f...
32  cards
AAFP - Primary Care
In which patients should you susp...,
What is the appropriate treatment...,
What does low tsh in a patient wi...
76  cards

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