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Best initial test for b12 or fola...,
What is the difference in signfic...,
What is the best way to treat ane...
22  cards
Infectious Disease
What are the empiric antibiotics ...,
Rx of pneumonia in patient with c...,
What are the major classes of ant...
336  cards
Tca toxicity,
Anticholinergic side effects of tcas,
Contraindications to tcas
19  cards
How is dm dignosis made,
Best initial therarp for type 2 dm,
Best initial medical therapy for ...
104  cards
Therapy for copd exacerbation,
List the most important features ...,
Enumerate the minimum management ...
235  cards
What is the diagnosis of the atta...,
What is the diagnosis of the atta...,
What is the diagnosis of the atta...
5  cards
Diagnosis waxy casts,
Diagnosis leukocyte esterase in u...,
What is delta gap
17  cards
Which leads will you look for the...,
Which leads will you look for the...,
Which leads will you look for the...
10  cards
Define pulsus paradoxus,
List 3 causes of pulsus paradoxus,
Describe kussmaul s sign
15  cards
Antidote to acetaminophen toxicity,
Antidote to aspirin toxicity,
Antidote to carbon monoxide toxicity
49  cards
Emergency Medicine
What is the linear algorithm for ...,
Indications for intubation,
Causes of impending cardiopulmona...
11  cards
List two 1st generation cephalosp...,
List the characteristics of cefaz...,
List the characteristics of cepha...
16  cards
Preventive Medicine
Common indications of influenza a...,
Specific indications for influenz...,
Specific indications for pneumoco...
12  cards
List 5 benign breast diseases,
List 6 primary malignant breast d...,
Nipple discharge
133  cards
Dating methods
164  cards

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