va criminal procedure

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This guarantees the rights of the...,
Unanimous verdicts are are not ne...,
The virginia supreme court is an ...
22  cards
Right to Counsel
When does a person charged with a...,
When and how must an accused pers...,
How long is the accused allowed t...
17  cards
When do sols begin to run,
When do sols cease to run,
When are sols tolled
15  cards
Search & Seizure
What may a search warrant be issu...,
May seizures go beyond things spe...,
What is the procedure for issuanc...
97  cards
Double Jeopardy
What is the general rule regardin...,
When is a second prosecution for ...,
When are acquittals final
22  cards
Arrest and Bail
Who may issue an arrest warrant,
What does the judge magistrate or...,
During a warrant determination ex...
27  cards
Confessions & Self-Incrimination
What does the privilege against s...,
What is testimonial behavior,
What removes the privilege agains...
53  cards
Grand Juries, Presentments, Indictment, and Information
Grand juries,
What are the three types of grand...,
What is a regular grand jury
46  cards
Exclusionary Rule
What is standing in search situat...,
What is standing as applied to ve...,
What is fruit of the poisonous tree
18  cards
Setting Cases for Trial
May an accused be tried in the sa...,
What is the rule regarding trial ...,
What does virginias speedy trial ...
14  cards
How is punishment for a crime det...,
It is not permitted for a jury to...,
The judge is not bound by a jurys
24  cards
Other rights
D has sixth amendment right to la...,
When does the sixth amendment rig...,
B d has due process right to have...
17  cards
Trial Rights
When does an accused have a right...,
Does an accused have a right to a...,
When does a defendant have a righ...
57  cards
Crim pro
In order to waive a trial by jury...,
Circuit court must be sentenced by,
What is the rule regarding requir...
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va criminal procedure

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