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Vascular Anatomy and Upper Extremities
Do upper or lower extremity veins...,
What is the vaso vasorum,
What structure is the principle p...
56  cards
Duplex Imaging of Upper Extremity Venous System
What denotes an acute vs chronic ...,
Do superficial or deep veins have...,
Three major differences between u...
33  cards
Venous Physiology
What is known as the pressure on ...,
What type of pressure is determin...,
What is known as the pressure wit...
37  cards
Arterial Physiology
What is known as the flow through...,
What is known as the measure of a...,
The total energy of a system is m...
42  cards
Intro to Lower Extremity Vessels
What type of vein has a companion...,
What type of vessel connects the ...,
What are examples of superficial ...
72  cards
Vascular Physics
What is known as an increase in t...,
What is the doppler shift equation,
What is the doppler shift equatio...
22  cards
Cerebrovascular Anatomy
What is known as painless tempora...,
What are the principal arteries s...,
Where does the rcca originate
21  cards
Extra-cranial Duplex US Examination
Transient ischemic attacks dont l...,
What are the two symptoms typical...,
What should your scale be set to ...
42  cards
Uncommon pathology of the Carotid System
What pathology is known as the ab...,
What are the other names for a ca...,
Where are carotid artery tumours ...
50  cards
Venous Valvular Insufficiency Testing
What does ceap stand for,
How large are varicose veins typi...,
How large are reticular veins typ...
14  cards
Aorta and Iliac Arteries
What are the 3 anterior branches ...,
What branches off the celiac trun...,
Off the abdominal aorta are the r...
27  cards
Non-atherosclerotic Arterial Pathology
What is a type of vascular arteri...,
What size of arteries are affecte...,
What is known as a type of arteri...
66  cards
IVC and Iliac Veins
Which of the following vessels ex...,
In well hydrated patients what is...,
Where does the left sided ivc in ...
43  cards
Renal Vasculature
What are the triangular shaped st...,
The rra courses blank from the ao...,
What vessel courses anterior to t...
69  cards
Hepatoportal System
What percentage of blood is suppl...,
What is the trv fissure on the vi...,
Do the portal veins course betwee...
63  cards
Kidney and Liver Transplant
What are the most common causes o...,
Kidney donor and recipients must ...,
What is known as a transplant tha...
86  cards
Vascular Finals multiple choice questions from Workbook
What determines the propagation s...,
5 what is the number of pulses pe...,
What information is needed in ord...
124  cards

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