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1.1 emotional development
Secure attachment,
Insecure avoidant attachment,
Insecure resistant attachment
32  cards
1.1 developmental psychology
Define development,
What does a change have to be in ...,
Areas of development
19  cards
1.1 cognitive development
Can cognitive develop be observed,
Piaget s definition of cognitive ...,
What is adaptation
32  cards
1.1 social development
Define social behaviour,
What influences social behaviour,
Is smiling and crying social beha...
55  cards
1.1 sensitive and critical periods
Define sensitive period,
What can we do during a sensitive...,
What are sensitive periods also k...
10  cards
1.1 research methodologies
Define controlled experiments,
What can u investigate in a contr...,
Advantages of controlled experiments
15  cards
1.1 defining and supporting psychological development
What s typical behaviour,
Is there a clear line between typ...,
What s atypical behaviour
25  cards
1.1 mental health
What is a psychologist,
What is a psychiatrist,
How many years of study psychologist
28  cards
1.2 the role of the brain in mental processes and behaviour (c4)
Brain vs heart debate,
Mind body problem,
Descartes french philosopher dualism
94  cards
1.2 brain plasticity and injury (c5)
Define neuroplasticity,
What are synapses,
Why are individual neurones and t...
116  cards
c1: Key science skills and research methods in psychology
Define primary data,
Define secondary data,
Define objective data
37  cards
2.1 Social cognition (c6)
Define social cognition,
Is social cognition good and why,
Is social cognition an error free...
186  cards
2.1 Factors influencing behaviour (c7)
Define social influence,
Social influence may involve,
Criteria for a social group
79  cards
2.2 Perception (c8)
Define attention,
What happens when we pay attentio...,
Attention is like
72  cards
2.2 Distortions in perception (c9)
Perceptual distortion involves,
Define visual illusions,
Muller lyer illusion
26  cards

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