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Topic 1 - Introduction
Who was hippocrates what theories...,
Describe the theory of multiple i...,
29  cards
Sampling Epidemiology
Epidemiological approaches require,
When you want to conduct a study ...,
How are you going to measure dise...
57  cards
Infectious Diseases
What is the definition of infecti...,
Describe the basic mechanisms of ...,
What are the general features of ...
57  cards
Measures of Disease Frequency
Define the term count list examples,
Define proportion give examples,
Define ratio give example
23  cards
Diagnostic Evaluation
What is a test a process or devic...,
What is the difference between ac...,
What is analytical sensitivity an...
71  cards
Measures of Association
R risk prevalence,
E exposed positive,
What does this equation tell you
43  cards
Disease Outbreak
Define the term outbreak,
An outbreak may involve,
Outbreaks can be a more ________ ...
42  cards
Surveillance/Monitoring Systems
Moss stands for,
Moss was coined by,
What is the difference between mo...
66  cards
Topic 9 - Study Designs
A study design plans for,
What is a descriptive study,
What is an observational studies ...
76  cards
Topic 10
What are the different types of e...,
Define accuracy
64  cards
EVidence Based Veterinary Medicine
Evidence based medicine is the in...,
Evidence based veterinary medicin...,
What is clinical evidence
30  cards
Decision Analysis
Dogmatism this is the best way to...,
Policy this is the way we do it a...,
Experience this way worked the la...
26  cards
Future of EBVM
In 2016 there was a study that es...,
As of 2016 how many of these pape...,
We are drowning in info
17  cards

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